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Updated: April 2014

NOTE: I am no longer accepting review requests. I will continue to work with publicists and authors I have worked with in the past, but I no longer have the time to take on additional requests. The numbers have simply become too overwhelming with my other work and life commitments. Your books deserve to go to people who can and will commit the time to reading them. Best wishes on your publishing success!

Reviews I post. I started my blog to talk about books and encourage others to pick up books I honestly found to be worthwhile. Therefore, I will not post a review of a book I can't say mostly good things about. I may point out minor elements I didn't like or that disappointed me, but the purpose of my blog is not to trash an author's work and I'm not good at being snarky (remember Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail? Yeah, that's me...not as cute, but you get the idea). Since my blog is a hobby, I do this on my own time and it's limited, therefore I choose to spend that limited time focusing on worthwhile books. I post reviews of books I honestly feel have merit and would be enjoyed by others. For the remainders, I say nothing at all. 

Where reviews appear. I no longer post reviews to sites outside this blog on a regular basis. I do, however, submit reviews of books I enjoyed to CRIMESPREE Magazine. Whether or not they appear in CRIMESPREE is up to the discretion of the editor. I presently review for both Shelf Awareness and Audiofile Magazine. Reviews from both publications may appear after they've been published by their respective organization.

Review Copies. If I receive a copy of a book from an author, publicist, publisher, etc., a "review copy" tag will appear at the end of the post. As I mention above, I don't guarantee any specific kind of review on my blog in exchange for books. Individuals send books only with the understanding that I MAY review it for the blog. No other compensation is received on my part and if I do not retain the review copies, they are donated or otherwise given away. Review copies are never sold. Independent Bookstores mentioned on my blog and links provided are done so only at my discretion and with no form of compensation.

Follow-up emails. I am unable to respond to follow-up emails.  The volume of email is simply overwhelming and I have to draw the line at some point so that I actually have time to read the BOOKS. If I read and enjoy a book sent, I will review it. If I don't enjoy it or end up unable to read it, I will not. Thank you for understanding.

Interviews and Projects beyond book reviews are by invitation only. Please do not make requests for interviews as I make choices about these special posts based on my reactions to the books. I will not commit to these activities prior to reading an author's work.

Blog Tours. At present I no longer accept requests to participate in blog tours outside of TLC Book Tours.

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