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15 Seconds (Andrew Gross)
1356 (Bernard Cornwell)
212 (Alafair Burke)
31 Bond Street (Ellen Horan)


Abstinence Teacher, The (Tom Perrotta)
Adam (Ted Dekker)
Aden Effect, The (Claude Berube)
After I'm Gone (Laura Lippman)
Alehouse Murders, The (Maureen Ash)
All Day and a Night (Alafair Burke)
All the Truth is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid (Matt Bai)
All You Could Ask For (Mike Greenberg)
Amateurs, The (Marcus Sakey)
American Way of Poverty, The (Sasha Abramsky)
Angry Optimist, The: The Life and Times of Jon Stewart (Lisa Rogak)
Anniversary Man, The (R.J. Ellory)
Another Man's Moccasins (Craig Johnson)
Antiques to Die For (Jane Cleland)
Any Other Name (Craig Johnson)
Appeal, The (John Grisham)
Art of Racing in the Rain, The (Garth Stein)
Assume Nothing (Gar Anthony Haywood)
As the Crow Flies (Craig Johnson)
Ashes to Water (Irene Ziegler)
Astride a Pink Horse (Robert Greer)


Baby Shark's Jugglers at the Border (Robert Fate)
Babydoll (Allyson Roy)
Back Spin (Harlan Coben)
Bad Blood (Arne Dahl)
Bad Day for Mercy, A (Sophie Littlefield)
Bad Day for Sorry, A (Sophie Littlefield)
Bad Moon (Todd Ritter)
Bad Traffic (Simon Lewis)
Bahama Burnout (Don Bruns)
Barbados Heat (Don Bruns)
Bear is Broken (Lachlan Smith)
Beautiful Lies (Lisa Unger)
Beautiful Mystery (Louise Penny)
Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies (Chris Kluwe)
Becket Factor, The (Michael David Anthony)
Behind the Gates of Gomorrah (Stephen Seager)
Better World, A (Marcus Sakey)
Bibliophile's Devotional, The (Hallie Ephron)
Big City, Bad Blood (Sean Chercover)
Big Dirt Nap, The (Rosemary Harris)
Birthdays for the Dead (Stuart Macbride)
Black Ice (Michael Connelly)
Black Lies, Red Blood (Kjell Eriksson)
Blade Itself, The (Marcus Sakey)
Blind Spy, The (Alex Dryden)
Blood Always Tells (Hilary Davidson)
Blood Bond (Sophie Littlefield)
Blood Trail (C.J. Box)
Bloodland (Alan Glynn)
Bloodman (Robert Pobi)
Blue Cheer, The (Ed Lynskey)
Blue Hour, The (T. Jefferson Parker)
Blue Religion (ed. Michael Connelly)
Boca Daze (Steven Forman)
Body and the Blood, The (Michael Lister)
Body Copy (Michael Craven)
Bolt from the Blue, A (Diane A.S. Stuckart)
Bomber Bombs (David Champion)
Bookseller, The (Mark Pryor)
Boulevard (Stephen Jay Schwartz)
Boy in the Suitcase, The (Lene Kaaberbøl & Agnete Friis)
Boy in the Woods, The (Carter Wilson)
Breathing Water (Timothy Hallinan)
Brilliance (Marcus Sakey)
Broken Places, The (Ace Atkins)
Brutal Telling, The (Louise Penny)


Cage of Bones (Tania Carver)
Calibre (Ken Bruen)
Camel Bookmobile, The (Masha Hamilton)
Cast of Shadows (Kevin Guilfoile)
Cemetery Road (Gar Anthony Haywood)
Centuries of June (Keith Donohue)
Chance to Win, A (Jonathan Schuppe)
Charm City (Laura Lippman)
Chasing Darkness (Robert Crais)
Christmas in Absaroka County (Craig Johnson)
City of Dragons (Kelli Stanley)
Cockroaches (Jo Nesbø)
Cold Case (Kate Wilhelm)
Color of Law, The (Mark Gimenez)
Compulsion (Jonathan Kellerman)
Conquest (John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard)
Contractors, The (Harry Hunsicker)
Conviction, The (Robert Dugoni)
Cool Breeze on the Underground, A (Don Winslow)
Country Hardball (Steve Weddle)
Creeps, The (John Connolly)
Crime Writer, The (Gregg Hurwitz)
Criminal (Karin Slaughter)
Cruelest Month, The (Louise Penny)
Crusader's Cross (James Lee Burke)
Cutting Season, The (Attica Locke)


Damage Done, The (Hilary Davidson)
Dangerous Affair (Caro Peacock)
Dark Horse, The (Craig Johnson)
Darkness My Old Friend (Lisa Unger)
Dawn Patrol, The (Don Winslow)
Day is Dark, The (Yrsa Sigurdardóttir)
Dead Connection (Alafair Burke)
Dead Harvest (Chris Holm)
Dead Irish (John Lescroart)
Dead Man's Fancy (Keith McCafferty)
Dead Man's Share (Yasmina Khadra)
Deal Breaker (Harlan Coben)
Dear Mr. Holmes (Steve Hockensmith)
Death in Valencia (Jason Webster)
Death of the Mantis (Michael Stanley)
Death Without Company (Craig Johnson)
Deep South (Nevada Barr)
Deepest Secret, The (Carla Buckley)
Detective and the Pipe Girl (Michael Craven)
Diamond Ruby (Joseph Wallace)
Die Trying (Lee Child)
Dinner, The (Herman Koch)
Dispatcher (Ryan David Jahn)
Divorce Horse (Craig Johnson)
Dog Who Knew Too Much, The (Spencer Quinn)
Dominance (Will Lavender)
Don't Look Back (Gregg Hurwitz)
Double Exposure (Michael Lister)
Double Play (Robert B. Parker)
Doubleback (Libby Fischer Hellmann)
Dramatist, The (Ken Bruen)
Drop Shot (Harlan Coben)


Easy Innocence (Libby Fischer Hellmann)
El Gavilan (Craig McDonald)
End of Everything, The (Megan Abbott)
Endangered (Jean Love Cush)
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library (Chris Grabenstein)
Evil at Heart (Chelsea Cain)
Evil in All Its Disguises (Hilary Davidson)
Eyes on You (Kate White)


Face in the Crowd, A (Lynda La Plante)
Faces of the Gone (Brad Parks)
Fallen, The (Jassy Mackenzie)
Fatal Grace, A (Louise Penny)
Fault Line (Barry Eisler)
Field of Fire (James O. Born)
Finding Me (Michelle Knight)
First Rule, The (Robert Crais)
Footsteps in the Snow (Charles Lachman)
Fourth Watcher, The (Timothy Hallinan)
Fragile (Lisa Unger)
Free Fire (C.J. Box)
Fun & Games  (Duane Swierczynski)
Fun House (Chris Grabenstein)


Gallows Lane (Brian McGilloway)
Game (Barry Lyga)
Garden of Stones (Sophie Littlefield)
Genesis Key, The (James Barney)
Geneva Option, The (Adam Lebor)
Gentlemen's Hour, The (Don Winslow)
Girl Next Door, The (Brad Parks)
Gods and Beasts (Denise Mina)
God's Spy (Juan Gomez-Jurado)
Goldfinch, The (Donna Tartt)
Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn)
Good Graces (Lesley Kagen)
Good People (Marcus Sakey)
Graveyard Book, The (Neil Gaiman)
Gravity (Tess Gerritsen)
Great Santini, The (Pat Conroy)
Green-Eyed Lady (Chuck Greaves)
Guards, The (Ken Bruen)
Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows)
Guilty One, The (Lisa Ballantyne)
Gun Machine (Warren Ellis)
Gun Seller, The (Hugh Laurie)
Gutshot Straight (Lou Berney)


Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap American (Linda Tirado)
Happiest People in the World (Brock Clarke)
Hard Evidence (John Lescroart)
Headstone (Ken Bruen)
Hell & Gone (Duane Swierczynski)
Hell Hole (Chris Grabenstein)
Hell or High Water (Joy Castro)
Helpless (Daniel Palmer)
Hollow Man, The (Oliver Harris)
Holmes on the Range (Steve Hockensmith)
Horrorstör (Grady Hendrix)
House Blood (Mike Lawson)
House Divided (Mike Lawson)


I'd Know You Anywhere (Laura Lippman)
I'll Sleep When You're Dead (E.A. Aymar)
Ice Cold (Tess Gerritsen)
If You Were Here (Alafair Burke)
Innocent Monster (Reed Farrel Coleman)
Insane City (Dave Barry)
Into the Darkest Corner (Elizabeth Haynes)
Invisible (Carla Buckley)
Invisible Murder (Lene Kaaberbøl & Agnete Friis)
The Iron Sickle (Martin Limón)
Island of the Naked Women (Inger Frimansson)


Jack 1939 (Francine Mathews)
Jamaica Blue (Don Bruns)
Judas Goat (Robert B. Parker)
Judgement Calls (Alafair Burke)
Junius and Albert's Adventures in the Confederacy (Peter Carlson)
Junkyard Dogs (Craig Johnson)
Just Another Day in Paradise (A.E. Maxwell)
Just Mercy (Bryan Stevenson)


Kill Switch, The (James Rollins)
Killer Ambition (Marcia Clark)
Killer Keepsakes (Jane Cleland)
Killer Summer (Ridley Pearson)
Killer Weekend (Ridley Pearson)
Killing of Mindi Quintana, The (Jeffrey A. Cohen)
K.I.A. (Thomas Holland)
Kindness Goes Unpunished (Craig Johnson)
Kinsey and Me (Sue Grafton)


Lassiter (Paul Levine)
Last Alibi, The (David Ellis)
Last Call (jd Seamus)
Last Car to Elysian Fields (James Lee Burke)
Last Ember, The (Daniel Levin)
Last Man, The (Vince Flynn)
Let the Devil Sleep (John Verdon)
Lethal Legacy (Linda Fairstein)
Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy (Karen Abbott)
Lincoln Lawyer, The (Michael Connelly)
Lineup (Liad Shoham)
Live by Night (Dennis Lehane)
Lock Artist, The (Steve Hamilton)
Lockdown (Sean Black)
Long Fall, The (Walter Mosley)
Long Gone (Alafair Burke) 
Lost Girls of Rome, The (Donato Carrisi)
Lost Ones, The (Ace Atkins)
Loyalty (Ingrid Thoft)
Lullaby (Ace Atkins)


Magic Circle, The (Jenny Davidson)
Man Called Ove, A (Fredrick Backman)
Mania (Craig Larsen)
Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend (Matthew Dicks)
Memories are Murder (Lou Allin)
Messenger, The (Craig Johnson)
Midas Murders, The (Pieter Aspe)
Mind of Winter (Laura Kasischke)
Mind Prey (John Sandford)
Misery Bay (Steve Hamilton)
Missing File, The (D.A. Mishani)
Missing Ink, The (Karen Olson)
Mistress of the Art of Death (Ariana Franklin)
Monkey's Raincoat, The (Robert Crais)
Mortal Stakes (Robert B. Parker)
Moving Target, The (Ross Macdonald)
Murder at the Lanterne Rouge (Cara Black)
Murder in the Abstract (Susan Shea)
Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death (Charlie Huston)


Naughty: Nine Tales of Christmas Crime (Steve Hockensmith)
Never Tell (Alafair Burke)
New Men, The (Jon Enfield)
Next One to Fall, The (Hilary Davidson)
Night of Long Knives, A (Rebecca Cantrell)
Night Watch (Linda Fairstein)
Nightmare Thief, The (Meg Gardiner)
No Mark Upon Her (Deborah Crombie)
No Safe Ground (Julia Pomeroy)
Northwest Angle (William Kent Kruegger)


October List, The (Jeffery Deaver)
On the Ropes (Tom Schreck)
Once a Spy (Keith Thomson)
One Drop of Blood (Thomas Holland)
One False Move (Harlan Coben)
One for the Money (Janet Evanovich)
One I Left Behind, The (Jennifer McMahon)
One Man's Paradise (Douglas Corleone)
Ordinary Decent Criminal, An (Michael Van Rooy)
Ordinary Heroes (Scott Turow)
Organized Mind, The (Daniel J. Levitin)
Other Typist, The (Suzanne Rindell)
Other Woman's House, The (Sophie Hannah)
Our Lady of Immaculate Deception (Nancy Martin)
Out Cold (Tom Schreck)
Outlaw (Mark Sullivan)


Pacific Beat (T. Jefferson Parker)
Pale Blue Eye, The (Louis Bayard)
Palos Verdes Blue (John Shannon)
Pepper Pike (Les Roberts)
Pirate King (Laurie R. King)
Plaster City (Johnny Shaw)
Playing Dead (Julia Heaberlin)
Point and Shoot (Duane Swierczynski)
Power of the Dog, The (Don Winslow)
Pretty in Ink (Karen Olson)
Prime Suspect (Lynda La Plante)
Print the Legend (Craig McDonald)
Promise of a Pencil, The (Adam Braun)
Promised Land (Robert B. Parker)
Prophet, The (Michael Kortya)
Pure Double Cross, A (John Knoerle)
Purple Cane Road (James Lee Burke)


Q is for Quarry (Sue Grafton)
Queen of Patpong, The (Timothy Hallinan)
Queen's Gambit, The (Diane A.S. Stuckart)
Quiet Belief in Angels, A (R.J. Ellory)
Quiet Vendetta, A (R.J. Ellory)


Rain Gods, The (James Lee Burke)
Real Basket Case, A (Beth Groundwater)
Reckless (Andrew Gross)
Reconstructing Amelia (Kimberly McCreight)
Red Room, The (Ridley Pearson)
Redbreast, The (Jo Nesbø)
Redeemer, The (Jo Nesbø)
Redemption Street (Reed Farrel Coleman)
Rembrandt Affair, The (Daniel Silva)
Right Hand, The (Derek Haas)
Ripper (Isabel Allende)
Rolling Thunder (Chris Grabenstein)
Roosevelt's Beast (Louis Bayard)
Round House, The (Louise Erdrich)
Rule Against Murder, A (Louise Penny)
Runaway Man (David Handler)
Running Dark (Jamie Freveletti)


Saints of the Shadow Bible (Ian Rankin)
Save Yourself (Kelly Braffet)
Scar Tissue (Marcus Sakey)
Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu, The (Michael Stanley)
Secret Keeper, The (Paul Harris)
Secret Wisdom of the Earth, The (Christopher Scotton)
Secretary, The (Kim Ghattas)
Serpent's Tooth, A (Craig Johnson)
Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists Have Damaged America and the World  (Jeff Madrick)
Shadow of the Corps (James DuPont)
Shotgun Rule, The (Charlie Huston)
Shut Your Eyes Tight (John Verdon)
Shutter Island (Dennis Lehane)
Silent Counsel (Ken Isaacson)
Silent Enemy (Thomas Young)
Silent Hour, The (Michael Koryta)
Silent Oligarch, The (Chris Morgan Jones)
Simple Act of Violence, A (R.J. Ellory)
Skeleton Box, The (Bryan Gruley)
Sliver of Truth (Lisa Unger)
Snow Angels (James Thompson)
So Cold the River (Michael Koryta)
Soloist, The (Steve Lopez)
Solomon vs. Lord (Paul Levine)
Some Like It Hot Buttered (Jeffrey Cohen)
Soul Patch (Reed Farrel Coleman)
Sound of Broken Glass, The (Deborah Crombie)
South of Broad (Pat Conroy)
Southern Fried (Cathy Pickens)
Speak No Evil (Martyn Waites)
Spellmans Strike Again, The (Lisa Lutz)
Spirit of Steamboat (Craig Johnson)
Standing in Another Man's Grave (Ian Rankin)
Start Shooting (Charlie Newton)
Starvation Lake (Bryan Gruley)
Still Life (Louise Penny)
Stolen Ones, The (Richard Montanari)
Stranger, The (Camilla Läckberg)
Stranger, The (Chuck Todd)
Sunset Limited (James Lee Burke)
Surrogate, The (Tania Carver)
Survivor, The (Gregg Hurwitz)
Suspect (Robert Crais)
Suspicion Nation (Lisa Bloom)


Taken (Robert Crais)
Talk (Michael Smerconish)
Tatiana (Martin Cruz Smith)
Technologists, The (Matthew Pearl)
Tell No One (Harlen Coben)
Thereby Hangs a Tale (Spencer Quinn)
They're Watching (Gregg Hurwitz)
Thing About Thugs, The (Tabish Khair)
Things That Keep Us Here, The (Carla Buckley)
Think of a Number (John Verdon)
Those Who Wish Me Dead (Michael Koryta)
Three Can Keep a Secret (Archer Mayor)
Through the Evil Days (Julia Spencer-Fleming)
Thunder Bay (William Kent Krueger)
Thunder Beach (Michael Lister)
Tilted World, The (Tom Franklin & Beth Ann Fennelly)
Time and Again (Jack Finney)
To Dwell in Darkness (Deborah Crombie)
Toros & Torsos (Craig McDonald)
Toughs (Ed Falco)
Tower (Reed Farrel Coleman & Ken Bruen)
Trail of the Spellmans (Lisa Lutz)
Trigger City (Sean Chercover)
Trinity Game, The (Sean Chercover)
Troglodytes (Ed Lynskey)
Trust No One (Gregg Hurwitz)


Under a Silent Moon (Elizabeth Haynes)
Undercurrents (Ridley Pearson)
Upcycle, The (William McDonough & Michael Braungart)


V is for Vengeance (Sue Grafton)
Vanishing Point (Val McDermid)
Vaults, The (Toby Ball)
Visibility (Boris Starling)


Wait for Signs (Craig Johnson)
Walking the Perfect Square (Reed Farrel Coleman)
Water for Elephants (Sara Gruen)
Water's Edge, The (Karin Fossum)
Way Home, The (George Pelecanos)
Whiplash River (Lou Berney)
Whisperer, The (Donato Carrisi)
Whistling Past the Graveyard (Susan Crandall)
White Magic Five and Dime, The (Steve Hockensmith)
Whole Lie, The (Steve Ulfelder)
Wife of the Gods (Kwei Quartey)
World I Never Made (James LePore)



Yesterday's Echo (Matt Coyle)
You're Next (Gregg Hurwitz)


Zookeeper's Wife, The (Diane Ackerman)

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