Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Lake House - Kate Morton

My review of The Lake House by Kate Morton, as well as my interview with this delightful writer, first appeared in Shelf Awareness for Readers. I am posting the review here today with their permission. I hope you enjoy!

First line: "The rain was heavy now and the hem of her dress was splattered with mud."

In August of 1933 on the night of the Edevane's Midsummer party, eleven-month-old Theo vanished from his bedroom in the family's stunning Cornwall estate, Loeanneth. Despite the presence of hundreds of guests and Theo's nanny sleeping in the same room, no one saw anything and the case went cold.

Seventy years later, London detective Sadie Sparrow inadvertently encounters Loeanneth while running in the countryside. The estate is abandoned, and the once beautiful gardens, long neglected, are grown over. Sadie's curiosity about the grand old home leads her to the decades-old investigation and Loeanneth's owner, Alice Edevane. Theo's older sister and a successful fiction writer, Alice prefers her family secrets stay locked in the old lake house.

Driven by a desire to conceal her own secrets, Sadie picks at the Edevane's and releases more surprises than anyone—even Alice—could have anticipated.

With a sumptuousness that mirrors the opulent gardens of Loeanneth, Kate Morton recounts a tragically beautiful saga of love and deception. She constructs an intricate and psychological mystery to which many hold clues but no single individual the answer. Her dynamic use of perspective in the novel builds a creeping suspense while the vibrant characters encourage emotional connection with readers.

Morton's robust plot is complimented by her vivid setting, an atmosphere that stimulates the senses and envelops the audience in a long-ago world of grand fetes and high society. Long-time fans and fledgling readers alike will readily—and willingly—lose themselves in the rich world of Kate Morton's The Lake House.

The Lake House is available in hardcover (ISBN: 9781451649321) from Atria Books and as an unabridged audiobook (ISBN: 9781489019929), narrated by Caroline Lee from Bolinda Audio from your favorite independent bookstore and the following retailers:

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