Friday, August 7, 2015

Five on Friday - Glen Hamilton

Happy friend friends and fellow readers! I hope your week has been a good one. We've had sunshine and pleasant temps here, and I just finished the second of two long books - together they were over 1300 pages. I'm looking forward to a regular-sized book now. They were both very good, but I didn't really want a weight work out at the same time.

A couple housekeeping items before I move on to our wonderful guest.

First, my Kiwi friend Craig at Craig's Crime Watch has an opportunity for you to win a signed book by a New Zealand author--a Ngaio Marsh Award finalist even! So be sure to stop over and check that out.

Friday Reads has a book called The Canterbury Sisters in their giveaway this week. I'm not familiar with the book, but check it out and see if it's up your alley.

Criminal Element has this rather humorous article from a former Sports Illustrated writer--he created a football line-up with crime fiction characters. There's a sweepstakes at the end you enter as well.

And most importantly, don't forget that Sunday is National Book Lovers Day. Be sure to celebrate accordingly.

Now on to the fun stuff. Today it is my great pleasure to welcome Glen Hamilton, whose debut novel, Past Crimes, came out to great fanfare in March. I first met Glen at Left Coast Crime in Monterey, and he was sitting at the table with me when Brad Parks decided to share my 40th birthday with the whole conference. So I think that makes us good buddies, right? Well, it at least got Glen to say yes when I invited him to participate. He made time to answer our "unique" questions in the midst of working on the second book in his series--which will be out next March.  What a good sport!

My friends, please welcome Glen Hamilton!

1. The one food I absolutely will not eat is:Brussels Sprouts. There’s something about the cabbagey smell. Even the dog wouldn’t eat them, and she once ate the cloth napkins. When I was quite young I learned how to get away with not eating B.S. (ahem) by dawdling over my meal until finally left alone at the table. Desperation had led to invention, and the discovery of two facts: 1. Milk is opaque, and 2. Brussels Sprouts sink. I’d drink half the milk, submerge said sprouts, and make my escape.

2. The most beautiful place I’ve ever visited is:City Mouse or Country Mouse? If I’m feeling urban, it has to be Paris. I’m a geek for architecture, and I’ll walk around Paris all day with my mouth open, happily drooling on my Hawaiian shirt and confirming the French’s worst impressions of Americans. If they’re feeling the joie de vivre, they stuff a croissant in my mouth, hand me a café crème for energy, and off I go. If it’s the outdoors, I’ll go with New Zealand. My parents lived in Auckland for a time, and when I visited we drove with a tent trailer around the North and South Islands (wisely taking a ferry for the stretch of water in between.) It’s a remarkable place, not just for its beauty but containing huge variety in such a relatively small area. You can walk off a glacier into a rain forest. That was twenty years ago, and I’m hankering to return. Care to sponsor a book tour, anyone?

3. My favorite time of day is:Exhibit Number Four Hundred and Twelve That I am Becoming My Father: I really enjoy being up early, while the world seems to be moving slower than its usual 67,000 miles per hour. I write, or read, or run, or drink coffee (okay, I definitely drink coffee), and enjoy the quiet. And much like my father, I will someday also enjoy waking any teenagers in the house before 10am, by using power tools somewhere in close proximity.

4. When I was a kid, my favorite thing to get in my trick-or-treat bag was:I’m going to bypass the obvious answer, which is “anything from that one house where they’re giving away full-sized candy bars”, because more of any candy is obviously better. Except maybe circus peanuts. I wouldn’t use those to insulate my house, even though they are clearly molded from the same material. My youthful favorite was those tough little individually-wrapped rectangles called Bit-O-Honey. Although there is no evidence that this candy contained actual honey, and perhaps not even actual bits, I still loved the waxy taste and the fact that it took five minutes just to eat one. The reasoning seemed to be: If I’m working this hard, it must be delicious. Which, come to think of it, is also the same logic I apply to writing. If it’s this demanding, it’s got to be worth it.

5. The #1 item on my bucket list right now is:Right this minute? That would have to be finding a flight home from Boston. I’m trapped in Logan airport with the rest of United 717’s passengers, awaiting word on whether a mechanical issue will create a long delay or a very long delay. As far as life goals, if we set aside the desire to travel to a whole mess of places (and some messy places), then I’ll say becoming fluent enough in another language to hold a conversation. Maybe I’ll sound more intelligent with a different accent. It works for the Brits when they speak American…

I hope this started off your weekend as nicely as it did mine! So much fun. I love when our guests have fun with the answers, don't you? You can learn more about Glen at his website. You can also connect with him on Facebook and Twitter. And I'll vouch that he makes a great dinner companion so at your next conference, invite him to sit at your table. Thanks Glen!

Have a super weekend everyone. Happy National Book Lovers Day and happy reading!


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