Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Harvest Man - Alex Grecian

My review of Alex Grecian's The Harvest Man first appeared in Shelf Awareness for Readers. I am posting it today with their permission. Hope you enjoy!

First line: "Mother and Father were sharing a bed."

Hobbling along with the aide of a cane as a result of his previous encounter with Jack the Ripper, Inspector Walter Day, Alex Grecian's Scotland Yard Murder Squad hero, returns in book four of the mystery series. Day is working a desk as he recovers from his injuries, but the emergence of a gruesome serial killer has the medical examiner clamoring for Day's skill and expertise.

A deranged individual, nicknamed the Harvest Man, hides in attics until he can strike the homes' inhabitants, tying them up and mercilessly slicing off their faces. No one can identify the murderer until two boys escape while he's slaughtering their parents. Day is determined to protect the young witnesses and bring the Harvest Man to justice. But he has more than a knife-wielding psychopath to contend with. Jack the Ripper is back with more of his cat-and-mouse game in store for Inspector Day.

Due to the continuing arc of Grecian's series, The Harvest Man will be most completely appreciated by those who have read the previous books. However, this won't stop new readers from devouring the story and becoming hooked, heading back to the beginning to fill in their blanks. Grecian's vivid characters draw on universal attributes, so while his historical setting is essential to Jack's presence, the audience is still likely to connect with the cast on personal and emotional levels.

Packed with plenty of thrills and chills, Alex Grecian continues to give his readers a suspensefully fascinating read. They just may need to double-check their attics before bed.

The Harvest Man is available in hardcover from Putnam (9780399166440) and as an unabridged audio download (9780698402133), narrated by John Curless, from Penguin Audio.

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