Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday - Shannon Kirk

Happy Friday all! I hope your week has been great and you're anticipating some good reading for the weekend. I'm thoroughly enjoying Ace Atkins' new Quinn Colson novel, so that's where you'll find me this weekend.

If you'd like to try your luck at winning some books, you could:

  • head over to Criminal Element where they have their Top Cop sweepstakes still going on (until Tuesday) for a load of good crime loot.
  • mosey over to Friday Reads where they are giving away Luckiest Girl Alive and In a Dark, Dark Wood.
  • fly over to Beth Fish Reads where she's holding a contest for the 10th anniversary of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson (I actually put my name in the hat for this one in hopes I can win it for my nephew!)
  • wander into Lisa's Book Critiques where she'll have her weekly's a mystery right now because I'm writing this before she posts it. ;-)

Good luck if you enter any of the contests.

Now on to our fun Friday content! I'm excited to welcome Shannon Kirk to the blog for the first time. Last month, Shannon released her debut novel, Method 15/33. The novel actually started off as a novella and was a 2013 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition finalist. She expanded the novella and has a debut that is getting great buzz!

But writing is just one small facet of Shannon Kirk. Shannon is also a practicing attorney and an adjunct college professor. She likes to create sea-glass sculptures and paint. (I really want to see one of her sculptures!)  And she found time to participate in Five on Friday today. Please help me welcome her to the blog!

When I was a kid, my favorite thing to get in my trick-or-treat bag was: Hands down, candy corn. And today, I pilfer my son’s trick-or-treat bag for the little bags of candy corn, even though it would be far more efficient for me to go down to the store and buy a whole giant bag. But my favorite candy otherwise when I was a kid were Pepto pink wintergreen mints, those round ones you get at the drug store, that my Nana Hanson kept hidden in a hutch.

My five favorite movies of all time are:
1. The English Patient
2. Silence of the Lambs
3. The Notebook
4. The One I Love
5. Sixth Sense
Love and horror, that’s what I’m all about.

The one food I absolutely will not eat is Mushrooms. Mushrooms have been scientifically proven to be a demonic fungus that fell off the devil’s back when he was in the Garden of Eden—and they’ve proliferated since then. All mushrooms, every single variety, are so vile, they should be banned not only from consumption, but from the entire planet. All space missions should have one purpose: transport mushrooms to discard into deep space. Disgusting.

The most beautiful place I’ve ever visited is Butchart Gardens in British Columbia. This is a botanical garden that is absolutely mind-blowing in beautiful color. There is one part where you come upon a valley, you’re standing high on a walking bridge, of sorts. When I looked into the valley and saw the array of primary colors, deep reds, true blues, all shades of green, lemon yellows, tears really did come to my eyes. I felt I was getting a glimpse of Heaven. I’ve never seen anything like it. And no description of mine would ever do it justice, you just have to experience the view. Incidentally, I have another book coming out in 2017 called Heavens—it’s literary fiction, not a thriller. You may notice, if you read it, that the main character equates botanical gardens with Heaven—or rather, her personal peace.

The #1 item on my bucket list right now is: This has been my #1 bucket list item for some years now. It’s pretty specific and totally impossible, so please know I know it’s demented, but truth is, this is my #1 bucket list wish….Someday, I’d like to attend La Boheme at Milan’s La Scala, wearing a blood-red Valentino gown—as in, total full-on, floor-length, red-carpet-worthy GOWN. My escort could be either Jakob Dylan or Ray LaMontagne, I can be flexible on this detail. I prefer the latter, but the former is quite fine too. After the opera, we will share a plate of fried zucchini flowers and two bottles of a perfect Chianti (a version you can only get in Italy) in a tiny restaurant hidden somewhere amongst the tangle of cobblestone alleys of Milan’s fashion district. Perhaps sometime after midnight, my song-writing date will whip out his guitar and sing me something acoustic. That’s the #1 bucket list item, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to wait for the delusions that come upon dying for me to experience it.

Is it any wonder Shannon is having success with her writing? This is quite possibly the greatest bucket list response to date in my opinion. Too fun! Plus, I am SO in agreement on mushrooms! You can ask my niece who use to taunt me with the plastic mushrooms from her kitchen play set when she was little. ;-)

Thanks so much to Shannon for hanging out with us today. You can learn more about Shannon and her writing at her website. And you can connect with her through Facebook and Twitter.

And thanks to all of you for stopping by to share in the fun. Have a great weekend and Happy Reading!


Shannon Kirk June 19, 2015 at 8:56 AM  

Thanks Jen! This was so much fun!

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