Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday: Jutta Profijt

Happy Friday all! I'm so excited after having raved and raved about The Morgue Drawer series on Tuesday, I'm over the moon to welcome Jutta Profijt today as our featured guest.

Jutta Profijt hales from Germany and spent some time living in Cognac, France. She's worked as a translator, a project manager, a Business English and Business French teacher and now most importantly, a crime writer.

Morgue Drawer Four kicked off the series, as I mentioned on Tuesday. What I did not mention then was the fact that it was nominated for the 2010 Friedrich-Glauser-prize (the German Edgar award!).

You already know how much I love these books, so let's meet Jutta, shall we?

1. I'd willingly make a deal with the devil to stop violence and wars. No need to explain that, ey?

2. If I could have a secret superpower, it would be read people’s mind. I would be able to switch it on and off (I certainly don’t want to know every thought from everyone!) and from time to time I would sneak into people’s mind to understand why they do what they do.

3. My last meal request would be a fresh garden salad including rucola and radicchio with mustard/honey dressing as a starter, some bread with muhammara (a walnut/garlic/chili pesto), spaghetti with basil pesto, a little lemon sorbet to refresh the tastebuds, roasted chicken (or lamb chops) with french fries and a ginger-chili-tiramisù. After that a very strong espresso. (Fortunately I’m criminal only in my books, so I hope to enjoy all these things – not usually in one meal, though - many, many times before I die.)

4. My most successful New Years resolution of all time was not to have any. I skipped this tradition years ago. If habits are really bad enough to change them I could do this any time of the year. And if they are not bad enough, why should I care?

5. The #1 item on my bucket list right now is start with my new book. I’ve been doing funny things the last days pretending they were extremely urgent just to avoid the confrontation with the blank page. Thanks for reminding me that this is in fact the no.1 item on my list …

I'm in totally agreement on the violence and wars. I have to share with you that the first picture of Jutta is what she says is her favorite activity each day and the picture was labeled "Profijt chilling." Now I'm going to put on a sweater because I've suddenly developed goosebumps all over. Brrrrrrr!

Many, many thanks to Jutta Profijt for taking time out...when she should be starting the new book...and joining us today. So much fun! You can learn more about Jutta Profijt and her books at her website and you can also follow her on Facebook. For those who might be interested, here's a link to MacLeod Andrews' Five on Friday from 2013.


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