Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stocking Stuffer gift ideas

The next post in my gift ideas series is a couple of ideas for your book lover's stocking gifts.

The first one is especially good if your book lover enjoys writing letters. I've had several books this year from Quirk Books that have really tickled my fancy and this pair of books of postcards does as well.

Hugs and Misses and Stars and Swipes both include 30 mailable postscards with humorous silhouette art from Wilhelm Staehle.

First I have to share the bio for Staehle on the inside flap of the binding. This will give you an idea of the tickling humor found on the cards themselves:

"Wilhelm Staehle is a horribly disfigured gentleman who often frightens small children when passing by. He divides his free time between sporting for fox hunters and dressing his broad collection of taxidermy. He also finds time to craft silhouettes. He begs you to enjoy them. Or at the very least to refrain from informing him if you do not."

Stars and Swipes is a collection of Americana images blended with pop culture to create wacky, laugh out loud scenarios like this one featuring Lady Liberty:

Text reads: "100 years with my arm raised in New York and still no cab."
I can envision these being great little greetings during hot political campaigns or just for your book lover who takes a special pride in his/her American-ness.

Hugs and Misses is summed up by Quirk as: "full of lovelorn ladies and roguish gentlemen suffering through painful encounters, indecent proposals, tasteless pick-up lines and failed attempts at charm. The postcards feature the truths about love and relationships that we're not permitted to say aloud (lest we find ourselves sleeping upon the couch)." Here's one of my favorites:

The text reads: (woman) "I'm allergic to mussels." (man) "That's fantastic I don't work out."

Both books of postcards are made from a nice, heavy stock and each card needs only a stamp--and your pithy message--to be ready for posting.

The other stocking stuffer gift idea I have to share with you is this humorous gag gift: Collected Works of Literary Lites. They are available on Etsy and are perfect for your book lover who has a "stinky" sense of humor.

And let's hear from you all. What other fun stocking stuffer ideas have you found for book lovers on your gift list?


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