Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bookish Gifts for the Doglover on your List

The first group I'll target in the bookish gift series this year is dog lovers. Most of you who know me, know I am definitely a dog lover myself.

I have a couple of wonderful gift books that would delight most any dog lover on your list. First is a full-color photography collection called SHAKE PUPPIES. This is a book that will put a smile on your face as soon as you open it--heck, as soon as you look at the cover! I plan to keep it nearby for anytime I just need a mood alteration because every time I flip through the photos, I feel an overall sense of happiness descend on me.

The book consists of a series of puppy photos in mid-shake. Each puppy has two freeze frame shots from their shake motion and the looks on the puppy faces are priceless. There are long-haired puppies, short-haired puppies, big puppies and wee little puppies. And heart-warmingly, there are disabled puppies included as well. It's just an all-around lovely book. And if you watch the video below, you'll see that an ear flush or fluid of some kind was used to induce the shaking motions. I attempted to get my dogs photographed after their ear cleanings, but it wasn't nearly as successful as this.


The book also begins and ends with great segments from Carli Davidson, the photographer, on adopting puppies and some very basic first training steps. So this would also be a prize item for someone considering a new adoption.

There's also a previous collection called simply, SHAKE, that features dogs. Here's a little video you can check out:

The other book that would make a lovely gift for dog--and animal--lovers on your list is UNLIKELY HEROES by National Geographic writer Jennifer Holland. You may already be familiar with her very popular UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIPS. This follow-up is an uplifting collection of 37 stories about animals taking on the role of hero. There are instances involving domesticated dogs and cats, but also farm animals: cows and goats, exotic animals: elephants and lions, and lots of other fun creatures: elk, otters and llamas.

The stories are each short, quick reads so the book can be consumed in bursts, possibly a feature or two each night before turning in, or it can be devoured like a regular book. The small little factoid insets add extra interest and photos accompany each anecdote. (Note: the final book is full color, but my review version was black and white.)

SHAKE PUPPIES (and SHAKE) is available in hardcover from Harper Design. And if you really find yourself addicted, there are calendars of the shake photos as well.

UNLIKELY HEROES is available in a paperback version from Workman Press.


Emily Reed May 4, 2015 at 9:04 AM  

On the off chance that there is presently, or has been at some point,a beloved pooch in your life,these photographs in SHAKE PUPPIES.will undoubtedly inspire a knowing murmur.We dog owners know the "shake" when it brings about water or hide excitedly flying about the house.It's what dogs do, and we love them for it.


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