Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eyes on You - Kate White

First line: "The shoes had made a nasty dent in my paycheck, but I wasn't sorry I'd splurged."

Robin Trainer is on top of the world. She's just published a bestselling novel and she's the co-host of a successful cable talk show. But during a book party she discovers a nasty note someone has left in her purse:

"You evil little bitch. You'll get yours."

While the note bugs her, she's able to write it off as someone's jealous prank. That is until other frightening things start happening to Robin: book jackets torn through her author photo, a vandalized Barbie doll left in her office, sabotage to her make-up.

Robin is mentally evaluating everyone around her to figure out who has an ax to grind. And it's simultaneously throwing her back into a trauma from her childhood. The threats escalate and Robin feels the world closing in on her. Everything she's worked so hard for is falling apart and if she doesn't figure out who is threatening her, she may just end up dead.

Eyes on You isn't a new thriller plot concept--a mysterious someone sending the protagonist over a psychological bridge--but it is written engagingly and with a strong momentum. This is a great book to toss in your beach bag for some enjoyable reading this summer.

There is plenty of suspicion thrown around to all the characters to keep the suspense strong and the reader questioning the outcome. However, there were a few loose ends, leaving me wondering at the conclusion if they were on purpose or if the issues were simply forgotten. This also loosened up the plot as a whole.

Kate White paints an insider's look at New York City, especially among the city's well-to-do: glamorous apartments and office spaces, restaurants and shops. It's a realm of the city where you need to watch your back so you don't get stabbed or stepped on as someone else is trying to climb the ivory tower.

Eyes on You is a quick, fun read. It may not make any earth-shattering changes in the thriller realm, but when you crave something a bit lighter, Eyes may just fit that bill.

Eyes on You releases June 24th in hardcover (ISBN: 978-0061576638) from Harper. It will also be available as an unabridged audiobook (ISBN: 978-1483005102), narrated by Abby Craden.

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