Friday, May 9, 2014

Heroes Caught Reading

We're back to one of my hero nominees today. Rochelle Staab is kind, energetic, smart, witty, super stylish and creative.

I am very lucky to be able to work with Rochelle through and Rochelle is always so appreciative and considerate in all our interactions. In my forty years on this planet, I've come to appreciate that isn't always the case. Rochelle has interacted with some incredible superstars in her previous lives, but regardless of how big those people are, she always makes the person right in front of her feel just as big a superstar. And folks, I find that to be a pretty incredible characteristic.

And she gets bonus hero points for reading on the elliptical every day! Please help me recognize a fabulously talented and stunningly beautiful woman who I admire and am honored to know.

 If you're wondering about the photo credit, Hakan is a professional photographer in addition to being one of the trainers at the gym. He always carries his camera so I sweet-talked him into taking my picture :)

Every morning* at 7 you'll find me at Studio City Fitness reading a chapter of a book on my Kindle while working out on the elliptical. Always a mystery, from Agatha to Brad Parks and more. Ear buds blast music in my ears to drown out the TV above and the people talking around me. My favorite way to start the day!
Where have you caught your heroes reading? Or listening? I always listen to my audiobooks when I walk or go to the gym. Be on the lookout today and be sure to report back!

*except Sundays, but who's counting?


Lesa May 9, 2014 at 9:15 AM  

I admire those people who can read and work out at the same time. I couldn't ever get the hang of it on the treadmill. No problem reading in a car, but not while walking. Good for you, Rochelle!

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