Monday, May 12, 2014

Heroes Caught Reading

To kick off this week of Heroes Caught Reading I would like to share with our Lesa Holstine.

When I started blogging, Lesa was a person I turned to with questions and frustrations. She was never too busy to take time out to help. When I wanted feedback on ideas, she was supportive and helpful. In other words, she was my blogging mentor--which you've heard me say before, I'm sure. It's easy to get frustrated with a blog, but when you have a cheerleader as motivating as Lesa, you can't help but soldier on! But that's only the smallest reason why she's earned hero status for this month.

Besides being a great blogger, Lesa is a librarian. Well, actually, she's a library administrator now, but unlike many when they hit that "administrator" level, she has maintained a passion for what she does. She's never forgotten why she entered the library field to begin with. She still pursues programs and projects with a vigor and enthusiasm to rival the most ambitious new graduate. And she loves--truly loves--reading. Lesa has touched people around the country, working in Ohio, Florida, Arizona, and Indiana. She helps people find great books both in her library and online. Librarians are a precious commodity, and ones like Lesa are absolute gems.

To add a cherry on Lesa's hero sundae, she's a compassionate animal lover, a great friend and overall kind human being. I am blessed to know Lesa, and I'm so happy to feature her here today:

Fittingly, Lesa is reading STILL LIFE by Louise Penny,
one of the authors she turned me on to!


Lesa May 12, 2014 at 6:50 AM  

Ah, Jen. Thank you. I never thought of myself as mentoring you. I just answered questions. And, in the process, found a friend. Thank you for your friendship! (And, you introduced me to Craig Johnson. So, I'm grateful for the chance to share wonderful authors.)

Katharine Ott May 12, 2014 at 4:01 PM  

That's what it's all about, sharing! I'm always interested to hear what others are reading and there are lots of ways to find that out nowadays.

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