Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday: Dan Friedman

Happy Friday all! Hope you've had a great week and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend....with lots of good reading.

A few odds and ends before our main event today:

Goodreads is having an interesting survey going on to pick a list of the 100 Mysteries and Thrillers to Read in a Lifetime. You can weigh in if you so choose. I've actually only read 17 off this list and admit that a lot of them aren't high on my bucket list. How about you? I may put together my own list.

But before I do put that together, I'm working on a post about humor in crime novels. I asked people what they thought about humor in crime novels on Facebook. How about you? Do you appreciate it? Do you feel like it lessens the book in some way?

Some fun contests you can check out:

Friday Reads has a slew of books in their giveaway this week.

Criminal Element has the Dread Half Dozen Sweepstakes that I secretly want to enter...if only I didn't have so many books already...

And Lesa has Alafair Burke in her giveaway choices this week. She's giving away Alafair's IF YOU WERE HERE. If you haven't read it yet, there's a tiny little special surprise awaiting you....go forth and read it!

I'll be hosting some special (and unique) giveaways next month for Caught Reading month. Remember if you're going to submit a hero image, you need to do so by today so I can finalize my schedule for next month. But whether you submit or not, tune in for fun images and contests all month long.

Now, on to the main event!

This week I'm excited to welcome another new author to the blog. Daniel Friedman is the author of the multi-award nominee novel, Don't Ever Get Old. This past week, he followed that up with the release of Don't Ever Look Back. Based on his writing (and his Five on Friday), I think Daniel will vote in favor of humor in crime novels! As an interesting side note, I went to a book club meeting at my library last week and a woman mentioned how excited she was that Don't Ever Look Back was coming out. I was excited to tell her Daniel would be featured here! 

Daniel Friedman surrounded by the women of crime!
My favorite place to read is: The bathroom. Rodin made his famous statue to commemorate thinking on the toilet, but I prefer to take a book in there. And, by the way, so does everyone who sells used books on Amazon Marketplace, I bet!

I consider Family Guy totally over-rated because: Hey, do you remember the time I went tandem skydiving with a hyena who majored in Women’s Studies at Smith? It was worse than the time Mickey Rourke tried to buy a birthday card for Kermit the Frog.

The last movie I saw was Inside Llewyn Davis: I enjoyed it, but it was quiet and kind of a small story.
Coen Brothers movies, ranked:
1. The Big Lebowski
2. Fargo
3. No Country For Old Men
4. True Grit
5. Barton Fink
6. A Serious Man
7. Miller’s Crossing
8. Blood Simple
9. Inside Llewyn Davis
10. Raising Arizona
11. O Brother, Where Art Thou
12. Burn After Reading
13. The Hudsucker Proxy
14. Intolerable Cruelty
15. The Man Who Wasn’t There
16. The Ladykillers

My favorite kind of cookie is: Chocolate Chip. I didn’t even know there were other kinds of cookies.

The #1 item on my bucket list right now is: If I found out tomorrow that I had six months to live, the only thing on my to-do list would be: blood vengeance. If I had time after that, I might try to visit the Great Wall of China. 

I don't think I'd want to be the doctor to give Daniel that death prognosis! Thanks so much to Daniel for making time for Five on Friday and having so much fun with it. I hope you all enjoyed it as well.

Here's to a great weekend for everyone! Happy Reading!


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