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Five of Friday - Patrick Lee

You probably thought the Five on Fridays were over, didn't you? I'm slowly getting my act together and amassing some new content. I'm pretty excited about what we have coming down the pike and I'm still working on more (albeit kinda slowly).

Before we forge on today, though, a few odds and ends. First, can I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day? I hope your day is filled with many sweet treats, warm hugs and much, much love.

Left Coast Crime is drawing nearer. Are you headed out to Monterey this year?  Before I head out there, though, Carla Buckley is going to be here in the Cleveland area. So if you're one of my local pals, mark your calendar for March 4th and head to the Berea library for her event. You need to register, but it's free.

You can still catch the pilot episode of Bosch, the TV show that is of course based on Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series.

How about some contests? Winning something would make your Valentine's Day pretty sweet, wouldn't it?

Simon and Schuster Audio have this one going on. O.k., yes, it's romance audiobooks, but if you don't want them yourself maybe you could gift them to someone else who does. I'm kind of fond of the idea of the iPad mini myself.

Criminal Element has a chance for you to win your way to Bouchercon.

I can't tell you for sure what she'll have, but Lesa's contests start each Friday, so be sure to stop in over at her blog and see what fun she's cooked up for this week.

And finally, Friday Reads has a pair of crime books that may strike your fancy. Stop by their Facebook page and celebrate reading while you enter to win!

And I think that's it for my odds and ends this week. So, let's get to the main attraction.

Patrick Lee is a young man who until now has written slightly more in the sci-fi realm. But next week he kicks off a new thriller series featuring a retired special forces agent named Sam Dryden. Even the title implies lots of movement...RUNNER comes out Tuesday.  Patrick lives up in Michigan, so he's probably doing some running to keep warm these days. Are we ever going to get a break?

Before all the book release hoopla starts, though, Patrick takes the Five on Friday hot seat. So help me welcome Patrick to the blog and to Five on Friday!

1. My favorite place to read is my couch, sitting at one end with my feet up. Preferably in the summer, with the windows open.  A close second is reading just before falling asleep. It's interesting to actually feel your comprehension dropping off a cliff as your brain starts to pack it in for the night. You suddenly find yourself bogged down in some sentence, unable to make sense of it. The next day, you pick up the book and find that sentence, and it's something like, "It was raining when they arrived."

2. The last movie I saw was Captain Phillips. There's a moment in this movie, seconds after the action reaches its climax, when Tom Hanks conveys horror in a way I've honestly never seen it done in a film before. It's one of those things you keep coming back to, hours or even days after you've seen the movie. The entire scene, in that moment, seems designed to isolate that one thing, horror itself, like a single variable in an equation. All the music stops, and the action stops, and there's nothing for the character to do but sit there and be emotionally destroyed by what has just happened around him.

3. If I had to be stranded on a desert island with only one other person, it would be Greg Farnsworth, author of How To Build A Satellite Phone Out Of Coconuts, Sand and Saltwater. But if, by luck, I already had a copy of the book with me, then the person I'd choose to be stuck with would be Adriana Lima. And it would take me years to remember I had the book.

4. The most famous person I ever met was Stan Winston. I saw him at a restaurant in L.A., and one of the people I was with knew him really well, so I got to meet him and talk to him for a couple minutes. The way I remember it, my side of the conversation amounted to, "Oh my god... Predator... Aliens... T2..." He was really nice, though. It was a surreal moment, running into the person who'd built some of the coolest things I'd seen in movies, all my life.

5. The #1 item on my bucket list:  One of my favorite nonfiction books is A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson, which centers on his attempted hike of the Appalachian Trail.  Though it's not going to happen anytime in the next few years, I'd love to hike the Trail at some point, preferably the whole thing in one go.

I'm sure Patrick will be planning that bucket list check mark for a time when the temps are a bit warmer. And I know exactly what Patrick's talking about with Captain Phillips. That movie was quite haunting well after I left the theater.

Many thanks to Patrick for taking time with us today. Be sure to check out Runner. You can find out more on his website. And Patrick's also on Facebook and Twitter.

I wish you all a good weekend, hopefully filled with some great books! Happy Reading!


Lesa February 17, 2014 at 8:59 PM  

Thanks for mentioning the giveaways, Jen! I'm looking forward to Brad's book, and to seeing both of you in Monterey!

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