Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday - Joy Castro

Happy Friday my friends! I hope you have had a wonderful week. I'm on socializing overload. Those who know me, know I'm about as close as you can get to a pure introvert, and this week I was out every night. So this weekend is going to be mega recovery time. Actually I may need to hide away until Christmas! ;-) Actually, as I type this, snow is falling (it was almost 60 degrees yesterday, ahhh NE Ohio) so that will keep me inside as well. Good thing I have an attractive TBR pile.

Before we return to Five on Friday this week, I'm pretty excited to congratulate Robert Crais on this lovely distinction from the MWA! Congrats Mr. Grandmaster, sir.

How about a few contest links? We haven't done this in awhile, so go forth and enter:

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Criminal Element has a slew of ebooks you could win.
Lesa has a personally inscribed copy of Billionaire Blend she's like to give away.

So on to today's special guest. It is an honor to host Joy Castro today. I discovered--and loved--her debut thriller novel, Hell or High Water, last year. This summer the follow-up to that novel, Nearer Home, was released. But Joy isn't new to the writing world. She's also written a memoir (The Truth Book) and a collection of essays (Island of Bones). This fall saw the release of a collection called Family Trouble and it's a collection of essays from memorists. She's also had poetry and short fiction published in a slew of wonderful publications.

When she isn't writing herself, she's teaching writing. God bless her. But today she's kind enough to sit in the Five on Friday hot seat, so let me turn it over to Joy Castro!

1. My favorite place to read is in bed. 1. It feels cozy. 2. You can forget your body and disappear completely into the story. 3. I have a really comfortable bed.

2. The worst vacation I ever took was to Olympic National Park, Mount Baker, and Bellingham, Washington—truly gorgeous places. Let me explain. I’ve actually only ever taken one vacation in adulthood; the rest of my trips have all been travel for work or visits to family. But one summer we took our son up to Washington for a real vacation, so I guess that sole vacation would have to technically be called the worst—even though it was also simultaneously, necessarily the best. The worst, the best, the only. In Washington State, we hiked, swam, and rode ferryboats. We drove a convertible and stayed in a great little place overlooking Bellingham Bay. We went whale watching in the Puget Sound. For a worst vacation, it was pretty spectacular.

3. If I had to be stranded on a desert island with only one other person it would be my husband, because he’s nice to look at and he still knows how to make me laugh. After twenty-one years together, that’s saying something. If he weren’t available, I’d settle for Jon Stewart. Or Javier Bardem. Or… Stop me.

4. My favorite kind of cookie is chocolate chip. Soft, homemade, and a little salty.

5. The #1 item on my bucket list right now is: I honestly don’t have a bucket list. Never have. The concept creeps me out—like, if I ever completed it, I might automatically keel over. Better not to tempt fate. 

I think I need to find out what kind of mattress Joy has! What a delight! Thanks so much to Joy for her fun responses and even more for her wonderful novels. If you don't already follow Joy on Twitter, you can connect with her there. Her handle is @_JoyCastro.

Have a super weekend everyone. If anyone needs me, I'll be under the blanks on my sofa, recharging! Happy Reading!


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