Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Craig Johnson comes to Northeast Ohio

It's a week of event recaps! I was tickled pink to hear that Craig Johnson would be coming to Northeast Ohio this past weekend. I believe I'm now up to seven states where I've attended Craig Johnson events (cue the stalker jokes).

"If you don't mind me saying, that book's goin' awful slow."

In all seriousness, though, it's been an absolute joy to watch people discover the wonderfulness that is Craig and his Walt Longmire series.

The Geauga County Library hosts a "Distinguished Speaker" series each year and this year featured Craig. They had a wine and cheese reception prior to the actual event, and that sold out before I even knew the event was taking place. The main session was standing room only.

So many people are discovering the series through the television show. Just before going to the event I was telling someone that I was going, and I described Craig's books. She said, "you know, that sounds like that television show, Longmire. Do you ever watch it?" I had to laugh and explain where Longmire came from.

Craig's admiration for the Doolittle Raiders came through in his presentation.

No matter the state or the season or any other external factor, Craig continues to be vivacious, appreciative and warm. He was a HUGE hit in Chardon, Ohio.

Craig shared some stories I've heard before: how The Cold Dish came about, casting for Longmire, the woman who recognized Absaroka on Craig's hat. He also shared some brand new stories. And gracious, that's an accomplishment for the fan who's seen him three times this year alone! It was wonderful to hear about the success of Longmire Days in Buffalo, Wyoming this year. Anticipating a few thousand people, they ended up with 10,000. Almost the entire Longmire cast was present. Robert Taylor signed for hours, even when police officers tried to escort him away to take a break and eat, he refused saying the people had waited in line and he wasn't leaving. That's classy!

Craig had a healthy signing line himself Saturday night!

What I probably enjoyed most, though, was hearing about the origins of The Spirit of Steamboat. Craig described attending a reunion of the Doolittle Raiders and getting a chance to fly in a B-25 bomber. He also pointed out that just a few days prior to his event, the final Doolittle Raiders toast had taken place in Dayton.

I reviewed Steamboat right before it released, and during this event Craig read from the book. I was able to get it on video to share the experience with you all. A small taste from a small book with a mammoth heart. I hope you enjoy this reading:


Beth F November 21, 2013 at 7:35 AM  

Stalker indeed!! Lucky you, though!

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