Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday - Sophie Hannah

Happy Friday all! It's been a bit of a crazy week on my end. Hope you've had a little less chaos and a lot of good reads.

I'm going to do the round-up of contests and then go straight to our special Five on Friday guest.

Friday Reads has some print and audio copies of Hank Phillippi Ryan's THE WRONG GIRL to give away this week.

Criminal Element has a hefty October Reads bundle to give away.

Lesa shifted her giveaway day on me, which is why I haven't posted anything from her recently. But she posts her new contests on Fridays now, so hop over to her site and see what she has for this week.

O.k. that's it for this week. Now on to the feature act!

Sophie Hannah is a rather diverse writer. We know her around these parts for her psychological thrillers. But she's also quite the poet. She's even delved into some children's books and translations. A woman of many talents!

Her most recent publication here in the States is the thriller KIND OF CRUEL, which features her recurring characters Simon Waterhouse and Charlie Zailer. But over in the UK she's a book ahead of us with THE CARRIER. She's also stuck her toes in the supernatural water with THE ORPHAN CHOIR which will make it's appearance in the US in January.

Also coming up and very exciting is the fact that Sophie will be writing a new Hercule Poirot novel!

There's a bit of something for everyone!

Now let me quit yakking and turn things over to Sophie!

No warnings for Sophie!

My pet peeve: People who warn you about things. 'Whatever you do, don't trust X.' 'Don't put your kids in daycare - they might end up emotionally warped.' 'You know, you really shouldn't eat too much sugar - you're more likely to get cancer.' 'Be careful which taxi you get into - I hear there's a rapist taxi driver striking regularly in your neighbourhood.' Those Who Warn probably firmly believe, and indeed often persuade you to believe, that they have your best interests at heart and they're just looking out for you. Not true. What they're actually doing (in terms of the character of the energy they're releasing into your life) is saying, 'This terrible fate might not befall you, but just in case it doesn't, I'm going to put the idea of it into your head anyway, so that even if you don't get cancer/raped/psychotic kids, you can at least be miserable for a while as you contemplate your possible future misfortune.' So, that's a longwinded way of saying that Those Who Warn are annoying because they dump a load of negative energy and pessimism on you, and disguise it as thoughtfulness and concern.

Caveat: Yes, of course there are circumstances in which warning someone is acceptable. 'Move out of the way, quick, or a giant hippo that I can actually see falling will land on your head.' There may be other acceptable manifestations of the Warning format, but mainly, if there's no giant falling hippo, warnings are a bad idea. Oh - warning people never to warn people is okay too!

Last book I recommended: The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty - a gripping masterpiece. It moved me to tears and I couldn't put it down.

 Five favourite songs on my iPod at the moment:
  • You Win Again - The Beegees 
  • You're the One That I Want - from the Grease soundtrack 
  • Milkshake - Kelis 
  • Return to Innocence - Enigma 
  • A Boy Like That/I Have a Love - from the West Side Story soundtrack 

I consider Agatha Christie a hero because she created narrative suspense more effectively than any other writer, and is the Queen of Crime Fiction. She also understood the darkest parts of the human psyche.

No 1 item on my bucket list: I don't have one specific thing I want to do - just what I do already, really. Write more and better crime novels. Do a lot of swimming, in swimming pools, lakes, the sea. Eat lots of very hot curry. Spend as much time as possible with people I think are ace. If there was one specific thing I wanted to do, I'd just go and do it straight away. I'm not a 'deferred gratification' kind of person, really - I'm much more the 'have lots of fun now' type. So, as soon as it occurs to me that I fancy doing something, I rush out and do it. I tend, therefore, not to accumulate lists of things I want to do and haven't yet done!

Now that folks, is the way to live life! I love it. You can find out more about Sophie at her website or you can meet up with her on Twitter. And by all means, watch out for falling hippos this weekend!

Happy Reading my friends!


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