Friday, July 5, 2013

Five on Friday - Chuck Greaves

Happy Friday friends!! I hope you had a great holiday. I was fortunate enough to spend my holiday with both family and friends as well as books! Who could ask for more?

As I've been traveling, some fun stuff has been going on, so I'll send out belated congrats to the 2013 Macavity nominees.

Pop Culture Nerd has the July Nerdy Special List up and I have a recommendation for an impressive crime fiction debut. Be sure to check that out if you haven't already.

Since I'm short on time this week, I'll get right to the contest links:

FridayReads has Karin Slaughter's new book, UNSEEN, as well as Antonio Hill's THE SUMMER OF DEAD TOYS.


Criminal Element has a Superhero prize pack giveaway.

Now on to our Five on Friday guest. Today I'm happy to welcome Chuck Greaves to the feature. I had the pleasure of reading Chuck's work for the first time this year. You'll hear more about Green-Eyed Lady soon. My dad is enjoying the book now as well. I also saw Chuck in person at the Left Coast Crime where I learned he owns a vineyard and is a former attorney. Now he's writing books as both Chuck Greaves and C. Joseph Greaves. 

The fictional character that most reflects my personality is Archie Goodwin, from the Nero Wolfe mystery novels. I cut my teeth on Rex Stout, and I think Archie’s combination of street smarts, integrity, and wry humor struck a chord with my teenage self that resonates to this day in the first-person voice of my series protagonist, Jack MacTaggart.

A place I’ve never visited but would like to is, assuming Keira Knightley’s dressing room is off limits, I’d have to say New Zealand. I’ve yet to meet the person who’s gone there and returned disappointed. Not, I assume, unlike Keira Knightley’s dressing room.

When I read a book, I absolutely hate it when a writer shows a tin ear for dialogue. Elmore Leonard should be required reading for every mystery author. Make that every author, period.

Happiness is landing on your feet. I spent twenty-five stressful years as a trial lawyer in Los Angeles, and I’d still be there today if I hadn’t closed my eyes and made a leap of faith. I resigned my partnership, sold my home, and vowed to write a novel. Seven years later, I’m working on number four. As I tell my workshop students, the road to a finished novel begins with a commitment.

The No. 1 item on my bucket list right now is to put a book on the New York Times bestseller list. Both Hush Money and Hard Twisted were critically acclaimed, but neither achieved the requisite escape velocity. With Green-Eyed Lady, I’m hoping the third time is a charm!

Thanks to Chuck for taking time to participate in our Five on Friday feature. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with great books. Happy Reading, friends!


ceblain July 5, 2013 at 7:45 PM  

I have been adding to my wish list and when I get to the book store, I am definitely going to buy Green- Eyed Lady. Chuck sounds like a fun person and we know he has a great background for writing so there seems to be everything to love about his books. Going to get his first two ordered too. Thank you for having this interview with the writer.

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