Monday, June 3, 2013

June is Audiobook Month!

June is here and it's audiobook month. I have some fun things lined up to celebrate: reviews, interviews, Five on Fridays. In addition, I'll be participating in Devourer of Books' Audiobook Week from June 17-21. She has a series of blog topics that I'll be responding to, so you can learn a little more about my love of audiobooks and how that fits into my reading life. I encourage you to share your thoughts here that week as well. If you've been reluctant to try audiobooks, now's a great time and I'm sure your library has a great selection you can borrow without making a commitment.

I will also be participating in an amazing project that narrator Xe Sands undertook this year. It's called Going Shorts. Going Public teamed up with Spoken Freely. Narrators have recorded short stories in the public domain and then they've been paired up with bloggers, so throughout the month bloggers will be hosting special posts with their narrators to highlight the stories. And all the stories are going to be available as a complete collection. I'm very excited to be hosting Peter Berkrot who recorded an F. Scott Fitzgerald short. The project is going to benefit Reach out and Read. You can find the whole schedule and more info here.

Audiobook JukeboxAnd finally, I want to remind you about the Audiobook Jukebox. I link my audiobook reviews here and if you review audios you can as well. But for those who are LOOKING for audiobooks, this is a goldmine. You can see reviews of audiobooks by genre and get an idea of what you may or may not be interested in listening to. I encourage you to check it out and find a audiobook today.

Do you know of other audiobook projects going on this month? Please share them in the comments so we can all check them out. Are you listening to an audiobook right now? If so, what is it? I'm finishing up THE REDEEMER by Jo Nesbø. It's a long one so it's taken me a little while but it's quite good. I'll share my thoughts with you this month. Then I'm moving on to POINT AND SHOOT. I've loved the two previous books of this trilogy by Duane Swierczynski, narrated by Pete Larkin, and I'm looking forward to listening to this one as well.

Welcome to Audiobook Month...happy listening!


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