Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday - Peter Berkrot

Happy Friday everyone. I'm a little later than usual and I apologize. I was up late working and just didn't have a functioning brain after to do the blog post. No telling what you would have been reading today had I tried! ;-)

Even though this is really the end of June is Audiobook month, I still have some more content I want to share with you and am hoping to get it up for you next week. Another great interview and Five on Friday and some reviews that I initially had to hold back, so lots more audiobook fun in the works. Stay tuned.

I wanted to send out congrats to the audiobook prize pack winners: Eunice and Kate. Thanks to everyone who entered and especially thanks to folks giving audiobooks a try for the first time! I really have to say that I think it's an investment worth investment in time that is. I've said before that you have to do a little learning in the process of listening to audiobooks. I don't think I've ever spoken to a person who took to it immediately, but it's so gratifying once you begin to enjoy it. Why do you think story time at libraries is so popular? We loved hearing stories before we ever dreamed of print on paper.

O.k. so quick on the contests:

FridayReads and Crimespree have a pair of Tarquin Hall books you can win.

And we definitely need an audiobook contest in here, right? HarperAudio has a chance for you to win Neil Gaiman's new book on audio, narrated by him.

Now, on to the fun. I hope you had a chance to read my interview with Peter Berkrot on Tuesday, plus listen to his Fitzgerald short story. Just a reminder that it will only be available for a week here, so be sure to check that out.

Today we get the informal side of this wonderful narrator, and I'm so thrilled to welcome Peter back for Five on Friday:

 If I could tell my 16-year-old self one piece of advice, knowing what I know now, it would be listen to everything people tell you about listening and relaxing and not trying so hard and do it this time.

The best gift I ever received was other people's trust. The gift of intimacy and trust I began to get from my acting students forced me to deserve that trust. It made me a better listener, forced me to quiet my voices, slow my breathing, become a keen observer of behavior and a more generous human being.

One thing I have no tolerance for is the futuristic, corporate rape of human beings, the diminution of our distinction as people in favor of the avarice and destruction wreaked on humanity by fear mongering corporate entires. That and people taking up two parking spaces.

A skill I’ve always wanted to have, but don’t is playing the piano. I'm always astonished and delighted by that when people can sit and launch into just any musical thing in their mind. I want to know what it feels like to be that guy playing ragtime.

The #1 item on my bucket list right now is seeing the world. 

I hate that two parking space hog too!! :-) I want to add an extra special congrats to Peter who just informed us that he's got an audition with Recorded Books, so even though he has in excess of 140 recordings now, we may be hearing a whole lot more of Peter Berkrot soon!

I can't tell you how generous Peter has been with his time and talking to me for our two projects this week. I am deeply honored and I hope you have enjoyed his pieces. One of the series Peter and I discussed was Tim Hallinan's Junior Bender series because Peter does the narration for those. I have one cued up in my iTouch and I'm sure you'll be hearing about it soon since this is a combo of greatness....great writer, great stories, great narrator.

Happy Friday my friends...I hope your weekend is filled with wonderful book goodness, whether in print, digital or audio's all about the story!


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