Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday - MacLeod Andrews

I have another June is Audiobook Month Five on Friday for you today and I'm psyched, psyched, psyched. To build up the suspense, though, I'll offer up a few odds and ends before the highlight.

I thought this was rather cool. The MWA can start including one of these with each Edgar® award!

I'm rather excited to be visiting this bookstore next week thanks to my good friend Chris. And even better, I get to meet in person a blog reader who has become a very special friend. I'll bring back pictures and stories, I promise!

Next week I'll be starting an audiobook contest both on the blog and on the Facebook page, so if you haven't joined us over there, you may want to do so in time to be included in the contest.

The Going Shorts series is going strong. If you haven't checked out the impressive list of narrators participating, be sure to jump over and do so. Reacher fans may want to see Dick Hill on Jenn's Bookshelves. My feature will be coming up later this month.

Also, next week is Audiobook Week as hosted by Devourer of Books. So I'll be participating along with that.

And finally, contest updates:

Criminal Element has a BEA Bundle sweepstakes. The best part about it? It includes Marcus Sakey's upcoming BRILLIANCE.

Friday Reads and Crimespree Magazine have some Swedish thrillers in their contest this week.

And finally, this is an INCREDIBLE audiobook giveaway that's been extended until the 16th, so don't delay. Get over and enter to win.

Now on to the star of the show! I was so excited when MacLeod Andrews agreed to participate this month. I can not tell you how much I admire his work on audiobook narration. My introduction was his stunning narration of Steve Hamilton's THE LOCK ARTIST. MacLeod then went on to prove it wasn't a fluke with his work on Brad Parks' Carter Ross series. AND most recently he narrated Robert Crais' SUSPECT. I never hesitate to recommend his work as I think he does a great job of getting inside the characters and bringing the story to life.

It is my great and distinct pleasure to welcome one of my very favorite narrators, MacLeod Andrews:

My favorite thing to do in my spare time is: I recently picked up the guitar and I love learning new songs. I played bass guitar since I was in 7th grade and while I like it a lot, you kind of need a band to enjoy it. I also go to a little studio in Venice and throw pots when I can. Otherwise the same stuff everyone else does - Friends, Movies, TV, Drinking.

I consider [fill in the blank] totally over-rated because: I consider fill in the blank totally overrated because...I’m sorry, that’s not very funny.

The most famous person I ever met was Kiefer Sutherland. It was my brother’s bachelor party in New York City. We were at a steak house and all my brother’s friends started craning their heads towards the next table over and saying, “Holy sh*# that’s Jack Bauer, Jack Bauer power hour!” We caught up to him outside having a cigarette and did the generic, “hey you’re awesome in the show.” He was very affable and actually engaged us in genuine conversation. He took a pic with us all and left me with the Metallica quote “Kill ‘em All” in regard to succeeding in the entertainment buisness...He meant it in an inspirational way, not bitterly.

My favorite kind of ice cream is Graeter’s Black Rasberry Chip. Mint Chocolate Chip. Oreo. Brownie.

The #1 item on my bucket list right now is: I think the number one item on my bucket list right now would be to go to space. I know that’s not possible yet, but it will be around the time I’m about to kick the bucket. As long as I get a great view, I think that would be incredible. Short of that and a little more generally I’d just like to travel. I’d like to see the ancient world: Greece, Turkey, Syria, etc. Ireland is up there too.

Just in case you're at all confused about #2. You don't usually see the question presented that way, but I wanted to keep it in context for you. When I send out the questions, they look like that with the [fill in the blank]...MacLeod was responding to my silly prompts. :-)

Many thanks to MacLeod for this wonderful contribution to the series. His responses are great and he was a such a good sport with his photos he sent, don't you think? I love them.

I hope this helps to make your Friday great this week. Have a most lovely weekend and happy reading/happy listening! 


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