Friday, June 7, 2013

Five on Friday - Audiobook Style!

Happy Friday everyone. I hope your June is off to a stunning start. Yesterday we had a cold day. I think Mother Nature forgot it was June or something.

I have to start off today by congratulating Tom from Texas who won the Walt Longmire contest here at the blog. I'll have some more contests coming up throughout the summer so stick close!

If you didn't have a chance to check out my interview Tuesday with the nice folks at Old Books on Front Street, you can do so here. They didn't realize you can't shut me up when you get me talking about books and this blog! Does anyone live in their vicinity? If so, please make sure you tell them I said "hi" and visiting them will be #1 on my itinerary the first chance I get to visit NC.

Pop Culture Nerd posted the Nerdy Special List for June this week. You can check out my June recommendations there.

That's all I have for general links this week, so let's do the contest round-up for all you folks who need some free books:

Oh, oh, oh, oh the Friday Reads folks are giving away Alafair Burke's new book, If You Were Here (came out this week).  Plus William Dietrich's The Barbed Crown. So that's one you won't want to miss!

Lesa has a "Sleep Cozy" themed giveaway this week. 

And at Criminal Element for all you hard-core, old school Stephen King fans, they're giving away copies of King's new Joyland.

I went in search of some audiobook giveaways since this IS Audiobook month and all. I'm hoping to host my own shortly, but here's what I found for today:

The Geeky Blogger has a "pick-your-own audio" contest going. She's taking entries until the end of the month.

Super Librarian has a copy of The Fault in Our Stars to giveaway.


Literate Housewife has a gift copy of Beth Hoffman's Looking for Me (you need to have or open an Audible account for this one). Entries must be received by Wednesday on this one.

This month I'm featuring audiobook narrators for the 5 on Friday. I'm super excited about the narrators who have taken me up on participating. I don't know about you, but I've always been interested in the people behind the voices. We've had some features of narrators in the past and it's fascinating to learn about them. So I'm excited about this month. I hope you enjoy it.

The first narrator I met via Twitter some time ago. She's great fun to chat with and a very accomplished voice artist with a slew of AudioFile Earphone Awards to back that up.  In addition, Xe Sands is the grand master behind the Going Public...In Shorts extravaganza going on this month. What an accomplishment! Many of you know her from the social media world or from listening to her narrations, so I'm sure you're as excited to see her responses as I am (they're so wonderful), but for those who are meeting Xe for the first time, it is my great pleasure to introduce her and welcome her to Jen's Book Thoughts!

This was a treasure Xe found, but isn't it a perfect photo for her visit here?

My favorite sound is  my husband’s heartbeat when I lay my head against his chest. It makes me feel safe. There is so much love there. There is so much everything there, in that one sound.

The last book I recommended to someone was The Time Traveler’s Wife – to my mom. I’m horrible at expressing why a book consumes me, but this one did. Henry is…phenomenal. The writing is exquisite, and although the way Neffenegger tells the tale can be confusing, it really works overall. The characters are confused the whole way through – why shouldn’t the readers also be confused?

Five songs on my iPod/music player right now are 
  • The Sea and the Rhythm, by Iron and Wine 
  • My Morphine, by Gillian Welch 
  • Songs from an American Movie Pt. 1, by Everclear 
  • Closer to Fine, by the Indigo Girls 
  • Breathe (extended mix), by Télépopmusik 

My favorite t-shirt (that I own) is an absolutely gorgeous and sensual depiction of Medusa. Always makes me reconsider the myths and legends we all grew up with in a different way. After all, even in mythology, the story is told by the victor. It also has a tiny spider on it, and as I’m phobic, it’s always empowering in an odd, completely illogical way, to prove to myself that I can stand having a spider dangling on my chest.

The #1 item on my bucket list right now is pure fantasy, but…to move back to San Francisco, which will always have my heart (no cheesy Sinatra puns intended). It’s been many, many years away now. 

I love the thought of that t-shirt! What fun to know some little tidbits about the people behind the voices we hear in our audios. Plus, they're little tidbits about someone who's really become a friend through the social media sphere. This has been so fun! I'm going to have to coax Xe into coming back for another feature at some point, don'tcha think?

Many thanks to Xe for this great contribution to our series. And as always, thanks to you all for making time to stop by and share the fun! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Reading--Happy Listening!


Xe June 7, 2013 at 11:19 AM  

Oh Jen! You are so kind :) I've so enjoyed getting to know you via Twitter. You've always got great content going on the blog, are a fab conversationalist on Twitter and an all around lovely person.

Thanks so much for having me on today!

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