Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crime Critters Caught Reading Crime - Hamley

Are you enjoying the critters so far? I was waiting for a snake or a rabbit or maybe a ferret, but so far we're seeing a lot of great dogs and cats. But don't get too comfy...

Today we have a particularly wonderful contribution to the series. This one comes from crime fiction reader Mette who caught her dog Hamley thoroughly enjoying a good tale!
"Hamley likes stories that involve seeing the underdog fight for justice, which is why Done for a Dime is one of his favorite 'tails.' Every night he leaves his most treasured chew toy behind and he curls up on his cozy reading chair, nosing through the pages, growling along during the ruff crime scenes of corruption and murder, and woofing in support of the heartfelt characters."

Hamley looks so scholarly, doesn't he? Well he must be rather smart, as he has excellent taste in crime novels! Done for a Dime is David Corbett's second novel. And I'm kinda coveting Hamley's reading chair. Doesn't that look like a great place to read?

Many thanks to both Hamley and Mette for sharing with us and taking part in Crime Critters Caught Reading Crime. What a great addition!

And I completely forgot yesterday's pet tip, so sorry. Today's is about puppy mills. Some steps you can take to ensure you aren't adopting a puppy mill dog: 
1.) AVOID PET STORES (unless it is something like an adoption clinic with a reputable rescue organization hosted by the store). 
2.) Visit the breeder if you're getting a dog from a breeder. See the parents, see the environment, ask questions. 
3.) Adopt from a shelter or rescue organization!!! So many pets need furever homes and they're just waiting for you to come find them. 

As a side note, please make sure you do your research. So many dogs end up in shelters because the owners didn't do their research beforehand and didn't realize the energy level or the training needed or the space requirements, or other such factors that you can learn before adopting. Don't adopt out of pity and don't adopt because you think it's the fashionable thing to do. Adopt because you want to commit to your pet!


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