Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Crime Critters Caught Reading Crime - Puppy Lola

I must warn you ahead of time that today's critter caught...uh..."reading" crime is off the charts on the cuteness scale. Prepare to "awwwwww."

New puppy, Lola,  eats -- er, reads -- her first book, and selected the only galley in the house involving a K-9 hero. Theresa Schwegel clearly brings her characters to life in unique ways.

And Lola says it's a real page turner!

There's a bit of irony in this fitting contribution to the series, yes? Michael Koryta writes about the dark and the creepy, but now has this adorable little girl to help brighten the world. He also does work with great cat rescues, which of course is what inspired in part, The Ridge, so he's very familiar with all kinds of critters. It's probably safer that Lola got a hold of The Good Boy, rather than one of the great cats! And let's hope Lola doesn't get her teeth on Michael's next manuscript. All of us devoted readers would be crushed if we heard, "sorry, the dog ate my book."

For their bedtime reading, I suggested Michael read The Suspect to Lola. I think she'd like Maggie.

Thanks to Michael and Lola today. Happy Reading to all critters everywhere!

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