Friday, May 31, 2013

Crime Critters Caught Reading Crime - Simba

Happy Friday and happy last day of May! I have the grand finale for the crime critter photos today and boy is it ever a grand finale! It also bookends our series. We started out with a dog reading SUSPECT and we're ending with a dog reading SUSPECT.

You know how when you see someone you don't get to see often you ask to see pictures of their kids or their family? This is how much of an animal person I am. Whenever I see Gregg Hurwitz, I asked to see pictures of Simba.

While Gregg is plotting and planning his amazing novels, Simba keeps him company. For our Crime Critters series, Gregg caught Simba reading a very special book:

"Here is Simba with SUSPECT. He was delighted to be mentioned in the dedication, and he also believes quite firmly that he was the inspiration for the book, and for Maggie. (Crais refuses to confirm this.) Anyway, he found the book incredibly moving and may have even cried a little when he read the opening chapter. Some lion hunter he turned out to be."

Isn't he gorgeous? And I'm super excited because as you know Gregg is going to be in Cleveland in August. Several of my NE Ohio friends have already said they're going to be there; if you haven't registered, be sure you do so. It's going to be a great event! And his new book that's coming out in August, TELL NO LIES, is incredible, INCREDIBLE, but more on that later. Just know that you'll want to see him in person.

Many thanks to Gregg and Simba and all the wonderful folks who contributed to this year's Get Caught Reading series. Now make sure you get caught reading all summer!

My final pet tip of the series: love 'em! That's all they ask for.


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