Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crime Critters Caught Reading Crime - Isabelle

We had a few critters fall through this month, so you're now forced to meet one of MY critters. Isabelle was smitten with Lou Berney's book, Whiplash River, from the moment I received the ARC. She's a very skittish little girl, but she loves her exciting crime novels. She reads this one again and again.

Izzy tells me that she wishes Shake would come live with us because she's sure he would make her tasty fish to eat instead of the boring old kibble I serve up. And she thinks Lou Berney is a very funny writer. She keeps bugging me to ask for her to be in the next book with Shake. She thinks she would make a much better partner for Shake than Gina. ;-)

Since we have a cat today, I'll provide a cat-specific pet tip: Cats will make a plaything out of any item, so keep blind cords out of your cats reach to avoid strangulation; keep yarn and needles secured and out of reach to prevent them being swallowed; keep toxins out of their reach (maybe install baby locks on the doors?). In general, cat-proof your home!

If you missed Monday's critters with Craig Johnson, be sure to go back and check out the contest for his new Walt Longmire book!


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