Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crime Critters Caught Reading Crime - Darla & Bogart

I have a brother-sister team of readers for you today! When crime fiction author Eric Beetner says in his bio that he's the "father of two" I'm pretty certain he's referring to his two-legged children (who happen to be adorable by the way), but who knows, maybe it's Darla and Bogart! ;-)

Eric has obviously instilled the same good habits in the canines that he's shared with his human children.

"Owen stayed at our house for a weekend last time he was in LA. Ever since then Darla has been a fan."

As for Bogart, well...

"Bogart likes his crime fiction hardboiled, so he really ate up Todd Robinson's debut, The Hard Bounce. I mean really ate it up. I need a new one."

You can find out more about Eric and his writing (all kinds of writing) at his website. And you can ask to see more pictures of these two cuties. They may be hardboiled readers but they look like little?...softies!

Today's pet tip: please make sure you're aware of plants that are toxic to your pets. If they're in your home, make sure they aren't located where your critters can get a hold of them. They look like nice munchies to those who don't know any better.


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