Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crime Critters Caught Reading Crime - Wilbur

One of the nicest, funniest, most generous people I know in the crime fiction community is Tom Schreck, author of the Duffy Dombroski series. When it comes to empathy and kindness, he makes me look like Attila the Hun (and no comments from my sisters allowed).

Most people who know him, know about his passion for animals, especially basset hounds. Many have met Tom through various basset events, like basset waddles. That name just cracks me up, but it's apt for bassets.

Tom's own basset is Wilbur. Wilbur is a certified therapy dog and today Tom caught him reading...

"I called to Wilbur while he was reading an old school Dennis Lehane...he wasn't pleased I interrupted him...he tends to get lost in a good book.

Here he's enjoying Darkness, Take My Hand (Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro)."

Those look like some strong specs there, Wilbur. Keep reading, pal!

You can enjoy Tom's novels and shorts stories. Find out more at his website or come out for Bouchercon or Murder and Mayhem in Muskego. He's a regular at both.

Thanks to Tom and Wilbur for today's entry in the Crime Critters series.

And today's pet tip: Remain as calm as possible during stressful or emergency situations - your pet is easily influenced by your behavior and will mirror your stress or panic.


gspotsylvania May 21, 2013 at 6:49 AM  

Especially poignant since Wilbur is blind......xoxox

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