Friday, May 17, 2013

Crime Critters Caught Reading Crime - Dark Poodle of the Apocalypse

It's Friday! But goodness, how did it get to be the middle of May already? Yikes. I am however, happy for wonderful spring weather now.

Today we welcome the Dark Poodle of the Apocalypse who was caught reading by Papa Bill Cameron, author of the Skin Kadash series:

"A fan of hijinx, anti-heroes, and generally absurdist humor, the Dark Poodle of the Apocalypse was an instant fan of Johnny Shaw. After devouring Dove Season (both literally and figuratively) she demanded Big Maria the moment it was available. Having learned my lesson with Dove Season, I bought two copies of Big Maria. She gives it Two Tongues Up! Delicious!"

That's quite the recommendation! I also like the rating system.

In addition to Bill's  novels, he's also written a fair number of short stories, which is where I first became familiar with his work. If you like simultaneously dark, humorous and insightful, I think you'll enjoy Bill Cameron. And you can check it out. Bill's a very generous guy with his work and offers some of his short work as free downloads on his site. One of my favorites--sorry it isn't free, but worth tracking down--is "The Last Ship." I read it in the West Coast Crime Wave anthology; I'm not sure if it's appeared anywhere else.

My pet tip for today: while I love this time of year, I always get grumpy around the Fourth of July. If you have pets, don't leave them home alone when you head out to see a fireworks display. Keep your pets away from any fireworks (pretty common sense), but be cognizant of the sounds as well. Because their hearing is so different from ours, the noise of fireworks can be very painful for your pets. I have to close my house and opt for air conditioning and still my dog is affected by the noise. The other thing I have to watch for is debris that is in my yard the following morning. People set off the fireworks but don't retrieve the trash it creates, which can extremely toxic to animals if they get a hold of it.

So, protect your pets from the fireworks. And if you're not a pet owner, please be considerate of the animals around you when you decide you're going to let off fireworks simply for your own amusement. You don't like it much when someone else puts you in pain for their amusement, so you know...


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