Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crime Critters Caught Reading Crime - Double-Bogey Duffer Burke Simpson

While I haven't had a chance to meet this little guy in person yet, I already know that I adore "Double." His mamma shares stories about his ups, downs and sometimes side ways, which are always a treat. Of course you know his mamma is Alafair Burke.

I'm especially fond of Double's reading choice today. I listened to Reconstructing Amelia on audio and you'll get to hear about it later, but Double spends his time reading while Mommy writes. After all, what else is there to do? Mommy hasn't been especially receptive to Double's plot ideas. What's wrong with a race around the park followed by squeaky toy keep away? That's exciting isn't it? Double also says, "Reconstructing Amelia is great, but why doesn't anyone have a dog?"

As for me, I'm thankful that Double occupies his time reading and allows his mommy to write. Alafair has a new book coming out next month and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. If You Were Here will hit bookstores on June 4th! And of course you'll hear about that one from me as well! Alafair has a pretty nifty pre-order contest going on now if you're interested in checking that out.

I'm sad that I won't be able to attend any of Alafair's tour events for this book, but if you can go and say "hi" for me, I'd love it...and you'll love the event, promise!

As a little side note, I just have to mention that Alafair is part of the reason I wanted to start this book blog. I didn't know her at the time, but I was reading her books and I wanted to tell others about them. As long as this blog has existed I've been reading Alafair Burke crime novels; she only gets better and better with each one. 

Thanks to Alafair and Double for playing along this month!

Today's pet tip is about sunscreen: Though all that fur helps protect her, your pet can get sunburned, particularly if she has light skin and hair. Sunburn in animals can cause problems similar to those it can cause in people, including pain, peeling, and skin cancer. So keep your pet out of the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and when you do go out, rub a bit of sunblock on unprotected areas like the tips of her ears, the skin around her lips, and the tip of her nose.


Alafair Burke May 17, 2013 at 9:08 AM  

Thanks for letting Double send a picture. He is trying to get his own reality show.

And congratulations on how much you've accomplished since starting your blog. Anyone scrolling down your sidebar of photos will notice not only how many wonderful writers you've met and support, but how genuinely happy they look to be with you.

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