Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crime Critters Caught Reading Crime - Audrey and Annabelle

I've had the pleasure of visiting the Basset Plantation in Spotsylvania. I even sat on the sofa in these pictures and read surrounded by Bassets and humans, so I know lots of reading...especially crime fiction reading...happens here.

Since my visit, Annabelle has joined the pack. She's still just a wee one, so her "big" sister Audrey is reading her bedtime stories from one of their favorite authors, David Rosenfelt. I guess since they're both young'uns, they can learn from this New Tricks book. With the grandpa Basset Duffy, maybe not so much! (O.k. go ahead and groan...)

Annabelle and Audrey's mamma, Ginny, thinks in syllables. She writes haiku. And you can find her blogging about dogs, birds, poems and all kinds of fun stuff over at Gspotsylvania.

Today's pet tip is a simple one but an important one as the weather is warming up. Don't leave your pets in the car, not even for a 5-minute duration. Leaving your windows down a little doesn't prevent the car from quickly reaching high temps that can kill your pet. It's much safer to simply leave your pet home.

Have a great Wednesday and happy reading!

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