Monday, May 6, 2013

Crime Critters Caught Reading Crime - B

Happy Monday all! We're kicking off the first full week of Get Caught Reading Month. If you weren't with us last week, be sure to check back and see our first three critters who were CAUGHT reading crime!

As for today, Sue Ann Jaffarian has been keeping a close eye on her cats and she caught B looking for pointers in VENGEANCE. Evidently B has an on-going battle with the other feline in residence at the Jaffarian household, Raffi. And B figured she could get a plethora of perspectives in this anthology. Maybe we should be grateful she didn't pick up one of Sue Ann's Vampire Mystery books! Although that look in her eyes makes me wonder if she's not seeing one of the ghosts from Sue Ann's Granny Apples series.

Thanks to Sue Ann and B for joining in the fun this month. And thanks to all of you for checking back today.

My pet tip for the day is motivated by all the yard work I did this weekend: Keep all and any lawn fertilizers away from your pets. Some are highly toxic. If you can, think about alternatives to the usual bone meal, cocoa mulch, and pesticides used to make gardens beautiful.


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