Friday, March 29, 2013

Five on Friday - Jassy Mackenzie

I'm so sorry. I know I've been slacking this week. Between flying back from Colorado and trying to catch up on work, I've been a little crazy. BUT, I didn't get too crazy to forget this week's Five on Friday. And it's another one that I'm super excited about. I hope you are too.

But first a little chit chat and house keeping. I have to send out huge congratulations to the award winners at Left Coast Crime. I'll have some fun pictures, posts, video, and maybe even some audio, of the whole event next week, I promise, but for now, congrats to guest of honor, Craig Johnson (Rocky Award), Brad Parks (Lefty Award), Rochelle Staab (Watson Award), and Catriona McPherson (Bruce Alexander Memorial). 

A couple folks let me know that March 19th's episode of NCIS included a bomb detecting dog (a la SUSPECT), so I have to try to hunt that down online and watch it. If you know me, you probably know that I haven't watched TV in quite a long time because 1.) I have little time, but more importantly, I have no functional tv at the moment. I mean, that's misleading. The tv works, theoretically, but I can't get anything on it. I have this fancy pants antenna for it, but for some reason I can't get it to work. If anyone's a pro with these things, could you come and help me out?! ;-) Anyway, I digress...

For those who like to enter the contests, Criminal Element has one running now to win a copy of Murder at the P&Z. I don't know anything about that particular book, but you may want to check it out.

Lesa Holstine has a couple of hot thrillers she's giving away, but act fast. This contest ends tonight.

Friday Reads has copies of The Guilty One for their giveaway this week. This book I DO know about. My review was in Shelf Awareness this past week and I'll have it here soon. This will definitely be one of my favorite debuts for 2013, if not one of my favorite overall books. GREAT read. They're also giving away Kent Harrington's The Rat Machine, but I don't know anything about that one.

O.k. let me quite blathering on. Today's guest is coming to us long-distance--South Africa, long distance. I first read Jassy Mackenzie last year with her third Jade de Jong novel--The Fallen. I was hooked immediately, so when she agreed to take the Five on Friday hot seat, I was ecstatic! I'm waiting for my chance to get to meet her in person. I know someone who writes such intriguing thrillers--and is as ambitious as this woman--HAS to be a fascinating person to chat with. I think after your read Jassy's responses, you'll agree with me. And I know that Pop Culture Nerd is going to adore Jassy after she reads about her favorite vegetable!

Yes, I would definitely love to meet Jassy in person, and you know me, I'm such a busy-body, I'd want to ask her a million questions! She's going to answer five for us today, so let me turn it over to Jassy Mackenzie!

Jassy and Dion on the way to watch World Cup soccer!

1. A place I’ve never visited but would like to is: Bora Bora. It’s right on the other side of the world, but so exquisitely beautiful… I’d love to stay in one of the ultra-luxury hotel suites surrounded by that incredible aquamarine ocean. I’d need to remortgage my house and sell my sisters to afford it, but that is surely a trifling matter!

2. The TV show I absolutely can’t miss is: Master Chef. I love cooking, adore watching people prepare food, and of course the drama and emotion in the series adds a special spice.

3. Happiness is: The simple things in life. That first sip of wine at the end of a stressful day… having my partner Dion tickle my ankles as we relax on the couch after supper… watching our two cats play pouncing games with each other in the garden.

4. My favorite vegetable is: Chips. Chips are a vegetable, right? Seriously, I’d have to go with tomatoes even though they’re technically a fruit, simply because we’re growing a bumper crop of them right now at home. I’ve even (insert gasp of domestic goddess wonder) been slow cooking them with a touch of garlic and some basil to make the most incredibly tasty pizza base topping.


The #1 item on my bucket list right now is: I think it would be to travel a thousand years back from here, and then a thousand years forward from here, to see what the world was like in the past and what it will be like in the future. Of course, they still have to invent a time machine, so this might be a slightly ambitious item on the list.

This was wonderful! I smiled through the whole thing. Doesn't it make you want to know her even more?!? I'm trying to figure out how to knock off my neighbors and get some of these fabulous Five on Friday people to come live close to me...wouldn't YOU want to live close to me after I dispose of the present neighbors? :-)

Jassy has a new Jade de Jong thriller coming on April 16th, Pale Horses. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about it yet as I didn't get an early copy, but rest assured, I won't be missing it.

To all my friends observing Easter this weekend, I wish you a very happy and blessed holiday. And for those who are simply celebrating a weekend, I wish you happy reading and hopefully lots of sunshine!


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