Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Aden Effect - Claude Berube

My review of The Aden Effect first appeared in Shelf Awareness for Readers. It is appearing here with their permission. I thought I had already posted this one, so I apologize for the delay, it came out in October and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I was checking back, I discovered I had not posted it yet. So I hope you enjoy!

First line: "The first rocket-propelled grenade hit the supertanker's bow twenty feet above the waterline."

When the U.S. Ambassador to Yemen, C.J. Sumner, runs into nothing but silence in her attempts to build relationships with Yemen leaders, she uses her influence to recall Connor Stark to active military duty--assigned to the Yemen Embassy. Sumner hopes Stark’s connections to people in high places will help her break down the walls of silence before Washington pulls her out of her position.

Meanwhile, U.S. diplomatic security agent Damien Golzari finds himself in Yemen while following a lead investigating the death of a State Department official’s college-aged son. When Golzari and Stark’s paths cross conflict erupts. Sumner has to convince the two head-strong men that they are on the same side and need to work together. With the lives of hundreds of innocent people at stake, the alliance becomes vital, but can they achieve it and will it be enough?

Heaped in political conspiracy, military intrigue and international conflict, Claude Berube’s debut novel leaves a lasting impression on its readers. Pirates, drug dealers, corrupt politicians and inept military leaders all contribute to a complex plot ripe with global issues and American fears.

Berube’s protagonist pair is an unlikely match. But, the straight-laced, impeccably dressed Golzari exudes as much arrogance as the non-traditional, informal Stark. And yet readers will find it difficult to dislike either man.

The antagonists of the novel are easier to dislike, but Berube is as respectful with them as his protagonists. Smart, determined and realistic, they make the novel’s action chillingly believable.

Fans of political thrillers, international espionage or military crime should not let this gem fly under the radar.

The Aden Effect is available in hardcover (ISBN: 9781612511092) from the US Navel Institute Press.


Jenn's Bookshelves December 20, 2012 at 1:36 PM  

Ahh! So this is the book you were talking about!

Anonymous December 30, 2012 at 4:22 PM  

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