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Five on Friday - Jamie Freveletti

Wow! It's September. Where is this year going? I was a little shaken earlier doing some work and having to look up books with 2013 pub dates. Doesn't it seem like 2012 just started? Well, anyway, before anymore of the year flies past, let me take care of this week's housekeeping.

Big contest at Criminal Element this week folks. You can enter to win the ENTIRE Walt Longmire series. So, if you've listened to me rave about these books but you haven't picked up your own copies yet, this is the perfect opportunity to try to win them. There are actually two sets they're giving away, so go enter and then pop back over here!

Lesa Holstine has her weekly giveaway and this week one of the books you could win is a signed copy of Louise Penny's THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY. You should be hearing about the audio of that book very soon here, but I can tell you it is a "beautiful" book, so if you don't already have it, go enter...don't forget to come back, though! 

Things were kind of quiet here at the blog this week, but I was yappin' my gums...or rather my keyboard...elsewhere this week. If you care to read about my four-legged children, you can check out my post at the Crimespree Blog from Sunday.

Then my friend and fellow blogger, Pop Culture Nerd, asked me to join up as a Nerd and make a monthly crime fiction recommendation. Each month I'll share my recommendation of my favorite book (that I've read) that comes out that month. It's called the Nerdy Special List. PCN was inspired by the Indie Next List where independent book stores make recommendations. So this is bloggers making recommendations. The first list of recommendations can be found here.

And last I've added another panel to my schedule at Bouchercon. This one is called Mystery Made in the Midwest and it will take place Saturday at 9am. So if you can make it, we shall talk about murders amidst the corn stalks! :-)

Now on to our featured guest. Jamie Freveletti is an energetic, fun, smart woman. When she's not writing award-winning thrillers, she's kickin' butt. She has a black belt in aikido. And bless her heart, she's also a runner.

This is an especially exciting year for Jamie as she has a new Emma Caldridge novel AND she's written the newest installment in the Robert Ludlum Covert One series. THE JANUS REPRISAL will be released on Tuesday. I find that series fascinating, so I'm looking forward to reading it. Now let me quit running on and let Jamie take over with her five on Friday!

Jamie and C.J. Box at Murder & Mayhem in Muskego

1. My favorite place to read is: In my living room. It has a plush chair and ottoman, great light, a fireplace to my left, and no electronic devices anywhere.

2. The most famous person I ever met was: Richard Harris. We met at a Casino in the Bahamas many years ago. I had no idea who he was, but it was clear that he was someone because he lit up the room with his incandescent personality. He struck up a conversation and we strolled from game to game for a couple of hours, just chatting and laughing. I noticed that the people around us were snapping photos on the sly. He finally said “you have absolutely no idea who I am, do you?” I admitted as much and when he told me I said, “You’re not Richard Harris, because I would know you. He’s in one of my favorite movies about a man mauled by a bear and left for dead.” He laughed and said, “Ah, that explains it, I had scars all over my face for that one.” He named the director and the movie and showed me his identification. He was charming, funny and exuberant. What a nice man.

3. If I had to be stranded on a desert island with only one other person it would be  My husband, because he’s my best friend, always able to have an interesting conversation, and not a whiner at all.

4. My favorite brand of athletic shoe is: I’m an avid runner and a shoe junkie! I have every brand you can imagine. Currently my trainers are New Balance and my race shoes are Nike Lunar Glides.

5. The #1 item on my bucket list right now is: Everyone’s going to think I’m crazy, but I don’t have a bucket list! Clearly that says something about my ability to plan.

Many thanks to Jamie and wishing her a super wonderful release week. Wishing you all a great weekend filled with fun reading and sunshine!


Jenn's Bookshelves September 7, 2012 at 10:15 AM  

Not to worry, I don't have a bucket list either!

Loving these "Five on Friday," Jen! Great idea!

Jamie Freveletti September 9, 2012 at 7:44 AM  

Thanks for the good luck wishes. Tuesday's the day! Best, Jamie

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