Friday, August 3, 2012

Five on Friday - LOU BERNEY

It's Friday and that can only mean one thing...o.k., I know it's pay day, so it means two things! It's time for Five on Friday!

Couple of items before I share Lou Berney's responses with you. First, some giveaways I know about:

Lesa has a giveaway for Karin Slaughter's CRIMINAL - and hang on tight I'll share the winners of my audio giveaway.

Over on Facebook, the Michael Connelly page is running a contest to win his entire library.

Today's the last day to tell me a favorite debut and be entered to win a copy of John Verdon's latest, LET THE DEVIL SLEEP.

If you pre-order Gregg Hurwitz's outstanding new thriller, THE SURVIVOR, he'll put you in the running for a fancy smanzy copy of BATMAN. More here on that.

My winners in the CRIMINAL audiobook giveaway are Karen B and Lilian, who I will be emailing to get mailing info from. They were chosen by random number generator, but they both had great stories about a driving memory. Thanks ladies!

I mentioned this last week, but I want to throw it out again. Michael Koryta will be at the Rocky River Public Library on Tuesday at 7:00 for the launch of his new book THE PROPHET. I'll have some ramblings to share with you about the book on Monday. I'll probably have pictures to share on Facebook after the event.

Speaking of Facebook, don't forget we have the page for the blog going on over there. I'm really excited that people have been sharing thoughts and comments with me on the page. I hope you'll join in. It's been up just shy of a week and we have a little over 100 folks at the page...I like to think of it more as us gathering together than "liking," but whatever. I decided when we hit 500 I'll do some fancy pants giveaway.

I know you're all thinkin' "quit jabberin' away Jen, let's get to Lou." So let me do a brief intro to this man I think is hysterically funny, very charming and smart as a whip. He's an incredible writer. I devoured both his first book GUTSHOT STRAIGHT and the newest one WHIPLASH RIVER. He's also a screenwriter and writing teacher...oh, and he professes to be an "accomplished liar" as well. I am looking so forward to Bouchercon and being able to see Lou in person again. I have a feeling you're going to love his five responses, so if you want to continue getting to know Lou after today's post, check out his website and join him on Facebook. Without further ado...Lou Berney.

This gorgeous picture is Lou in Greece.

1. The most bizarre place I ever found inspiration for a story was: The Hyatt in downtown Milwaukee is a fairly bizarre place to be struck by inspiration. I was staying there on my last book tour and came across a plaque that detailed a historical incident I’d never heard about. On that spot, in 1912, an insane man shot Teddy Roosevelt right before Roosevelt was about to give a speech. The speech – fifty pages, in the breast pocket of his coat – saved Roosevelt’s life by (mostly) stopping the bullet. I knew right then I was going to use that speech somewhere, somehow, and I did.

2. Five songs on my iPod/music player right now are: 
“Angel of Death,” by honeyhoney.
“Corpus Christi Bay,” by Robert Earl Keen.
“Bad Girl,” by the Detroit Cobras.
“Sugarfoot,” by Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears.
 “Little Lie,” by Lindi Ortega.

3. A superstition or ritual I have to observe when I write is: I use a specific font for my rough notes, a different font for my outlines, and a third font for drafts. Were I ever to get the fonts mixed up, I am fairly certain the world would end.

4. My favorite t-shirt (that I own) is: My favorite t-shirt is red and has white letters across the front that say: TEIAM.

5. The #1 item on my bucket list right now is: An encounter in the wild with the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. It’s supposed to be an amazing experience: you’re only a few feet from the gorillas, and sometimes not even that. 

So I read Lou's answer to number one and my first thought was, "well where'd the inspiration for the foreskins come from?" Anyone else think that? Hopefully Lou will send me a picture when he has his encounter with the gorillas. I really want to see that.

I hope you enjoyed today's Five on Friday. I was very excited when Lou said he would participate despite all the craziness going on with his book release. I'm so thrilled you could get to know him a tad bit better.

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Reading!


Lesa August 3, 2012 at 1:11 AM  

First to comment because it's not even midnight here yet! I love these Five on Fridays, Jen. And, since I enjoyed Whiplash River, I enjoyed reading Lou's answers. Thanks for sharing this!

picky August 3, 2012 at 12:08 PM  

I thought his name sounded familiar! He was at Texas Book Festival a couple years ago and was so entertaining. I remember thinking I wanted to read Gutshot Straight. I need to pick it up.

Lilian August 3, 2012 at 2:27 PM  

Unless those gorilla are as friendly as the ones in Tarzan, I'll pass on being within 50 feet of wild ones.

YAY! I won an audiobook of Criminal! *does a funky dance*
I haven't gotten the email yet though..did I accidentally delete it? O_O

Beth F August 5, 2012 at 7:31 AM  

Great post! I loved Whiplash River!

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