Friday, June 8, 2012

Five on Friday - Bryan Gruley

Sorry folks, I know I've been pretty quiet the last couple weeks. Between some family stuff and traveling, I've been a little short on time. But I'm raring to get back into the saddle. As a matter of fact, you'll be hearing from me on Monday about today's Five on Friday author's new book! Can't wait to share with you about that.

In the mean time, have you been voting in this year's Duffer Awards? While you know I'm a big fan of the Dave Robicheaux books, I was crushed when Clete Purcell beat Elvis Cole for "Best Hawaiin Shirts."

Don't forget June is Audiobook Month! The folks at the Audiobook Community on Facebook are doing a lot to celebrate and I'll have some fun audiobook reviews coming up soon. Stay tuned!

So that's it for the general business, let's move on to the best part of Friday! It's Five on Friday time. And I'm so thrilled that Bryan Gruley could make time to answer five questions for us. For those who don't know, Bryan writes the Starvation Lake series. You can check out my reviews of Starvation Lake and The Hanging Tree if you haven't already read them. On Monday, you'll be able to read my review of the third book in this amazing series, The Skeleton Box (it came out on Tuesday). You can also check out this fabulous guest post Bryan wrote for me last year. If you haven't read Bryan's work before I strongly urge you to move him to the front of your TBR list. These books are amazing. Of course, that's probably why they've earned an Edgar nomination, an Anthony Award, a Barry Award and a Strand Award. But, Bryan isn't just a writer. He has an array of talents. Check this out! Plus not only is he a hockey fan, but he's also a hockey player.

I'm one of Bryan's biggest fans, so I'm thrilled to have him participate this week for Five on Friday - especially since he picked my favorite question of all (can you figure out which one it is?):

1. When I’m reading a book, I absolutely hate it when a writer ties up a whole bundle of loose ends by having someone make a long speech near the end of the book.

2. If I could sit next to anyone (not related to me) on a cross-country flight, it would be Steve Yzerman, because he’s my favorite athlete of all time, a hockey player, a Detroit Red Wing, and by all accounts, a nice guy.

3. The best car I ever owned was a black 1970 Olds Ninety-Eight with red pin-striping, power seats, power windows, and an eight-track player blasting Jethro Tull, David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, J. Geils Band. Technically, my Dad owned it, but it was mine for my last two years of high school. It was a bad-ass Big Three boat, with 455 ccs of power under the hood, and could carry six guys, five hockey bags, a pile of hockey sticks, and two cases of beer at 100 mph on I-75 in Michigan. It also carried a lot of memories I cherish (and sometimes cringe at ) today.

4. Happiness is sitting on the oak swing overlooking Big Twin Lake at our family cottage in northern Michigan on a summer evening with a good book or my journal or a laptop.

5. The number one thing on my bucket list right now is...I don’t have a bucket list, per se. I am an avid keeper of lists, but most of those focus on the day ahead. Nevertheless, one thing I really want to do is hold a grandchild in my arms. That could actually happen in the next few years, so it’s up to me to focus on the days ahead and make sure I stay around. 

I'm absolutely loving the responses to the bucket list questions, aren't you? I'm also so intrigued by the questions people choose to answer. By the way, Bryan sent me multiple pictures to choose from, all of which were incredible...I had such a hard time picking...and I couldn't narrow it down to one, so I hope you enjoy the extra one! Many thanks to Bryan for his wonderful responses.

And if you need something to read this weekend, go grab one of Bryan's books! Happy Reading everyone!


Bryan Gruley June 8, 2012 at 4:24 PM  

Thanks, Jen!

Souleswanderer June 8, 2012 at 6:50 PM  

I keep meaning to start this series, and per your suggestion will move it closer to the top on the tbr list. Thanks to you and the authors for their insightful tidbits. Fridays are a lot more fun to look forward to :)

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