Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to the Heroes & Villains Theme Week

Today kicks off the 2012 crime fiction theme week: Heroes & Villains. This week I will be joined by other bloggers as we celebrate the great characters created in crime fiction. We regularly celebrate the heroes but indeed the same people who create those great heroes we love, they also create those create villains/antagonists we love to hate. This week is dedicated to both.

To help start the week, I thought you might enjoy this look at some of pop cultures favorite heroes and villains in family photos...courtesy of Flavorwire. One of our top villain contenders in the tournament is even included.

Other bloggers are joining in this celebration, and you can feel free to join us as well. If you'd like to create a post in celebration of heroes and villains, drop me an email so I can add you to our notification list. Each day I'll let you know who has a great post to share with the theme week. Stop by the posts, leave a comment and you could win a prize. There will also be an additional contest posted tomorrow that involves visiting the participating blogs. Easy ways to win some fun prizes.

Today we'll have blog posts from:

SuziQOregon at Whimpulsive who is introducing everyone to this year's theme week and her chosen highlight character.

Les Blatt at Classic Mysteries who has a review and postcast for Death of a Swagman.

And here at Jen's Book Thoughts, I'll have a super fun guest post from Eddie Perlmutter. Check back a little later, but it's probably better not to tell Steven Forman that his character is moonlighting! ;-)

Don't forget to vote in the final round of the Heroes & Villains tournament. Your votes decide who our reigning champ for 2012 will be.

And I will leave with you this little ditty, which played a big part in my motivation to name this year's theme week "Heroes and Villains."


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