Thursday, March 15, 2012

Revealing the Mug Shots

Are you ready to find out who the mugs are behind the mugs? Here's the original post with the hidden faces. And now the unveiling:

7. Carla Buckley (and furry friends!)

11. Gabriella Herkert how appropriate: dog & cat!

Is that a great picture to end on or what?

And of course the red herring in the mix was Kelli Stanley! Many thanks to all the authors who submitted mug shots for the project. Since this is the first time I've done a project like this, I didn't know what to expect, but these folks are good, aren't they?  I really enjoy how creative everyone was with it! Hope you all enjoyed it too.

Our best guessers came out to be:

Judy B with 8 correct, Kristopher Z with  5 right answers and Ginnie T with 4. I'll be in touch with you all to get your prizes to you! Congratulations. :-)

Don't forget that tomorrow is the deadline to send in your guesses on this year's tournament bracket. Who will face off in the final rounds of the tournament. Tomorrow is also the final day to vote in Round 1 if you haven't done so already. What heroes and what villains will advance to the next round? You decide!

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