Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heroes & Villains Tourney Entry Form

So each year as part of the Theme Week Tournament, we incorporate a contest to see who is best at guessing the outcome of the tournament. This year is no different!

You can access the contest form here. The beginning bracket with all contestants is here. You'll need to download a copy, enter your choices for who you think will be among the Elite Eight, the Final Four, and the hero and villain who will face off in the Championship Round. Then email your choices to me at jensbookthoughts@gmail.com. Your entries need to be received by Friday, March 16th, so don't delay!

We still have prizes coming in for the theme week, so the final prize packs are still to be determined. However, rest assured there will be books, there will be book marks and there will be CDs in each of the three winners packs.

Email me with any questions you have but don't delay, regardless of questions, entries must be in before final tallies of the first week of voting are completed.


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