Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Announcement & Winners

I have to start this blog post out with a sincere apology. The beginning of the year has seen a bit of a lapse in my blog work...ok, ok...I've been downright neglectful. I can now officially share with you all why.

As most of you know, I started working with Maddee James at last year. The opportunity has arisen for me to work basically full time with her now. In January I started transitioning to that position while still working full time at NACS (my regular day job). That didn't leave much "free" time and what time I did have I was filling with reading to keep up with my reviews for Shelf Awareness.

I have officially given my notice at NACS and will finish out the month with them, but then will be working with and continuing my freelance work as well. I'm super excited for this career change, or maybe I should call it a shift since I've actually been working with Maddee a year now. Regardless, I'm excited! And if I've neglected to return an email or phone call, I apologize profusely. I should be settling into a more normalized routine again next month. And I promise to stop neglecting my blog!

Thanks to all who've stuck with me and the blog through this sporadic phase. I so appreciate your friendship.

Now, enough of that and on to what you really want to know. Who made it through the first round of the tournament. Here are the results:

On the Heroes side of the bracket:

Walt Longmire defeated Siri Paiboun
Will Trent defeated Gabriel Allon
Sherlock Holmes defeated Jack Taylor
Harry Bosch defeated Lucas Davenport
Elvis Cole defeated Travis McGee
Anna Pigeon defeated Taylor Jackson
Charlie Fox defeated Vanessa Michael Munroe
Ellie Hatcher defeated Jonathan Stride
Lisbeth Salander edged out Nero Wolfe
John Rebus defeated Charlie Hardie
Charlie Parker defeated Sam Shepherd
Joe Pike defeated Joe Pickett
Armand Gamache edged out Paddy Meehan
Jack Reacher defeated Clarice Starling
Jane Rizzoli defeated Repairman Jack
Dave Robicheaux defeated Lindsay Boxer

On the Villains side of the bracket:

Hannibal Lecter defeated Arnold Zeck
Christian Volkov defeated Bazza McKenzie
Diogenes Pendergast just barely edged out Jacko Vance
Traveling Man defeated Joe the Cleaner
John Marcone defeated Mann
Dr. No defeated Junior Allen
Kyle Craig defeated Campbell Bradford
Surgeon defeated Sethos
Gretchen Lowell defeated Mr. Pudd
Deaf Man defeated Irvin Irving
Ethan Green defeated Pietro Brwna
Pretender inched past Daniel (this was the closest race of the round - 4 votes separated these two)
Hook defeated Tom Waaler
Gerald Cafferty defeated Bennett
Clara Rinker defeated Gary Sonjei
Professor Moriarity defeated Francis Dolarhyde

So how does your bracket look? Did your favorites make it to Round 2? There were very few blowouts in this round. We'll see how the next Round looks. Voting will start tomorrow! Good luck.


Einoti March 18, 2012 at 6:40 PM  

Congratulations on the exciting and new opportunities, Jen!

Naomi Johnson March 18, 2012 at 10:37 PM  

Congratulations on the career change! I'm not sure but I think my bracket is holding up pretty well so far. At least no major surprises.

bermudaonion March 19, 2012 at 8:48 AM  

You've been one busy lady! Congratulations on the new job!

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