Tuesday, November 1, 2011

THE SURROGATE - Tania Carver

First line: "There was a knock at the door."

When Detective Inspector Philip Brennan and his team are called to the scene of a double homicide, it isn't the first time they've seen the gruesome scenario: a pregnant woman murdered, her abdomen sliced open and the baby removed. This IS the first time the baby hasn't been left dead at the scene, however. With this incident, the third of its kind, the department decides to bring in criminal psychologist Marina Esposito to help profile the killer.  There are no apparent connections between the women, but this third victim has recently left the baby's father, her abusive boyfriend, and he's the main suspect for the police. Marina has strong doubts that he's the killer. But when connections start popping up between the boyfriend and all three murdered women, she begins to have doubts and Phil can't dismiss him and chance another murder.

THE SURROGATE is the first novel from British husband and wife writing team, Tania Carver. Whatever their formula is for writing a novel together, they seem to have perfected it on the first try. THE SURROGATE is an intense, fast-paced psychological thriller that will leave the reader wondering who did it right up to the end.

THE SURROGATE is not a comfortable read; it examines some of the ugliest of human nature's scum and the effects that scum has on every one and every thing around it. The novel seems to be addressing the question of whether there can be light and hope existent in this world? We often view children as the hope for the future, but the children are being savagely destroyed.

Carver constructs a plot packed with red herrings and well-placed twists that keep the momentum - and your pulse rate - moving at a rapid pace. The characters are created in such a way as to leave you no choice but to empathize with them. And you may find yourself connecting with different characters before the end plays out.  Carver works the dynamics of humanity like a holographic image. Depending on which way you're looking you could see something entirely different than the first time you peeked.

THE SURROGATE is explosive and captivating. You won't want to read this home alone at night, but you won't want to put it down either. Tania Carver has set the expectations for this series high and I, for one, am anxiously looking forward to the next one.

THE SURROGATE was released in the United States this past September in hardcover (ISBN: 978-1605982564) from Pegasus books.


Beth Hoffman November 1, 2011 at 9:54 AM  

I think this book would haunt me, but my girlfriend would love it! I'm sending her your link! Terrific review.

bookdout November 2, 2011 at 11:05 PM  

This sounds great - thanks for sharing your review

Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

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