Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SILENT ENEMY - Thomas Young

If you missed it in Shelf Awareness last week, I'm posting my review of SILENT ENEMY here with permission from the nice folks at Shelf Awareness. If you aren't receiving Shelf Awareness, be sure to sign up. I have a button in the column on the right. Signing up even gets you entered to win free books. In the mean time, here's SILENT ENEMY by Thomas Young!

First line: "The world went away, and every part of her hurt."

Army Sergeant Major Sophia Gold and Air Force Major Michael Parson are reunited in Thomas Young’s second novel when a bomb destroys the Afghan National Police central training facility in Kabul. Gold’s helping to run the literacy program and sustains minor injuries in the blast. However, many of her students are badly injured and she’s going to accompany them to Germany, the closest hospital facility large enough to handle the number of patients. Parson is called on to fly the patients to Germany, which isn’t an issue until a bomb is discovered aboard the air craft.

Readers unfamiliar with Young’s first novel, THE MULLAH’S STORM, will have no problems following along with the events of SILENT ENEMY. The pace is quick, due in large part to the constant action of the plot combined with well-timed twists.

Young treats the array of characters and cultures with dignity avoiding any hidden agendas in his themes. Some readers may find the technical elements of the air craft piloting a bit daunting, but they play a minor role in the overall story.

Young’s experience as an Air National Guardsman serving in the Middle East works to heighten the authenticity in this exciting military thriller. I’d recommend not reading it on the plane to your vacation destination. Wait until you’ve hit the beach.

SILENT ENEMY is available from Putnam in hardcover (ISBN: 9780399157790) and Penguin Audiobooks in, uh, audio. ;-) It's narrated by Scott Brick.


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