Monday, August 29, 2011

Catching Up...Again

I keep managing to fall behind, so here I am catching up again. I have a slew of fun things to share with you, and God willing, I'll have some reviews to share this week, too.

First is an excited cheer for the fact that A&E officially picked up LONGMIRE. 10 episodes to be exact. So excited about this. And unlike every TV reporting website, it is NOT because Katee Sackhoff is returning to TV. She may be a very good actress, but her return is NOT my excitement. I am rather thrilled to see Lou Diamond Phillips, though. ;-) More than anything, congrats to Craig Johnson!

Bouchercon is almost here. If you still need to register and want to do so online, you need to do that by September 1st. All other registrations must be done onsite. There are also single day tickets available onsite.

Have you gotten your ticket for the Anthony's Brunch? You'll need to contact Jon Jordan ASAP if you haven't taken care of that detail yet.

I have an update on the authors signing at the Crimespree table. We've added some new names since last time, so be sure you mark them down on your schedule:


11:30-12/ Sophie Littlefield & Juliet Blackwell
1-2:00/ William Kent Krueger
2-2:30/ Kelli Stanley & Tracy Kiely
2:30-3/ Tim Hallinan
3-3:30/ Michael Wiley
3:30-4/Hilary Davidson

10:30-11/ Todd Ritter & Bryan Gruley
11-11:30/ Tim Hallinan & Gary Phillips
11:30-12/ Jonathan Hayes, Alafair Burke, & Joe Finder
12-12:30/ Hank Phillippi Ryan
1:30-2/ Mike Lawson
2-2:30/ Bob Truluck & R.J. Ellory
2:30-3/ Martyn Waites, Megan Abbott & Daniel Palmer
3:30-4/ Christa Faust

10-11/ Tom Schreck
11-11:30/ Bill Cameron & J.L. Abramo
11:30-12/ Bill Cameron
12-12:30/ Bill Crider
1-1:30/ Cara Black
1:30-2/ Michelle Gagnon & Lisa Unger
2-2:30/ Anthony Campbell & Michael Moreci

For awhile now I've had my link up for the Indie Lit Awards. The nominations are going to start in September, so bookmark this link and be sure to nominate your favorite mystery books from 2011. Pass the word along to your friends as well! Anyone who does not "make their income through the sales of books" is eligible to nominate!

OK, I think that may be it for now. What news can you share with me?

Happy reading!


Dru August 29, 2011 at 8:21 PM  

thanks for the update.

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