Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alafair Burke? - Crime Readers Caught Reading Crime... an indie bookstore.

In April during Edgar's Week there was some SERIOUS crime fiction writing power hanging out at The Mysterious Bookshop. Ruth Jordan, one of the most amazing women I know on this planet, caught some of that writing power reading.

Yes! It's Alafair Burke and Michael Connelly. They are both checking out Michael's latest, THE FIFTH WITNESS.

However, Alafair didn't manage to hang on to that book very long. Look who else is enthralled in a little Mickey Haller, The Duffer!

And speaking of The Duffer, today kicks off Alafair Burke's Duffer Awards. I've been so psyched for these to start and I hope you'll check them out over at her website. Alafair says about these awards:

"Each day we will post a new poll featuring two beloved characters nominated for very, very serious award categories like Most Likely to Win a Hot Dog Eating Contest and Best Shoes. Post a comment beneath your vote, and you'll automatically be entered to win weekly prizes including signed copies of my books and $50 gift certificates to your favorite bookseller."

I also just found out that you can get a special ebook of ANGEL'S TIP right now for $1.99. So if you've been on the fence about reading Alafair...first, WHY? second, now you can take advantage of this great offer and not make a great investment. I will warn you that you'll be hooked after you try. For Nook owners, you can click here. For Kindle owners click here. If I find other links I'll share them too. You all know me. I adore Alafair's work and recommend it to so many people. This is a steal; take advantage of it. I have no idea what the time frame on the offer is, though. And then go buy a book from an indie store, please!

Happy Reading!


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