Sunday, March 27, 2011

Round 3 Results

Wow, this was one heck of a round. I thought I was going to have to deal with several tie matches this time. Almost every match-up ran neck and neck all week. But here are your winners:

Ellie Foreman 61%
Goldy Schultz 39%

James Qwilleran 21%
Nancy Drew 79%

Lord Peter Wimsey 59%
Stephanie Plum 41%

The Hardy Boys 42%
Jane Marple 58%

Carter Ross 52%
Amanda Pepper 48%

Benni Harper 37%
Flavia de Luce 63%

Lisbeth Salander 61%
Annie Darling 39%

Brett Kavanaugh 49%
Amlingmeyer Brothers 51%

This is one eclectic group of amateur sleuths! And now that we're down to the Elite Eight, the competition will be even stiffer. This week we will have both Rounds 4 and Round 5. Tonight I will open Round 4 for voting Sun - Tues. Wednesday I will announce the Round 4 winners and open voting for Wednesday through Saturday. So stay on your toes, watch for both rounds and support your favorite sleuths - vote!


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