Sunday, March 13, 2011

And the Week 1 Winners Are...

The votes are in and a few races were very tight, but we have a group of winners going on to Round 2. Here they are:

Rebecca Robbins 42%
Hannah Swensen 58%

Hector Lassiter 36%
Ellie Foreman 64%

Goldy Schultz 69%
Henry Gamadge 31%

Hitchcock Sewell 32%
Myron Bolitar 68%

Ruth Galloway 49%
Jack Garrett 51%

John Putman Thatcher 41%
James Qwilleran 59%

Nancy Drew 83%
Josie Prescott 17%

Kiki Lowenstein 27%
Jack Reacher 73%

Lord Peter Wimsey 65%
Lady Emily Hargreaves 35%

Lily Moore 38%
Penny Brannigan 62%

Stephanie Plum 70%
Lucy Stone 30%

Ned Oglive 27%
Stella Hardesty 73%

The Hardy Boys 59%
Odelia Grey 41%

Ollie Paras 53%
Wiki Coffin 47%

Amelia Peabody 81%
Paula Holliday 19%

Poke Rafferty 18%
Jane Marple 82%

Carter Ross 58%
Stewart Hoag 42%

Troy Chance 44%
Gervase Fen 56%

Gus Carpenter 17%
Amanda Pepper 83%

Annie Kincaid 58%
Abby Knight 42%

Alafair Tucker 62%
Asey Mayo 38%

Benni Harper 53%
Emily Tempest 47%

Emma Lord 46%
Doc Ford 54%

Dorothy Martin 34%
Flavia de Luce 66%

Lisbeth Salander 56%
Father Brown 44%

Kelly Flynn 44%
Charlotte McNally 56%

Duffy Dombrowski 61%
Kent Murdock 39%

Lori Shepherd 29%
Annie Darling 71%

Annika Bengztrom 58%
Omar Yussef 42%

Phryne Fisher 47%
Brett Kavanaugh 53%

Candy Holliday 59%
Wollie Shelley 41%

Zack Walker 42%
Amlingmeyer Brothers 58%

Congratulations to all the sleuths in this round for making the tourney, and of course congrats to all the sleuths moving forward. We had a total of 819 voters in Round 1. I hope you will all return for the remainder of the tourney to support your favorite sleuths. Voting for Round 2 will start tomorrow, so be sure to check back!


Naomi Johnson March 13, 2011 at 7:13 PM  

No way Hector Lassiter goes out in the first round! A sure-fire indicator that we are not doing a good enough job spreading the word about this series.

Kiwicraig March 14, 2011 at 1:51 AM  

Hmmm... some interesting results. A real shame to see terrific characters like Wiki Coffin and Phryne Fisher go out in the first round, and I would have expected the Hardy Boys and Jack Reacher to win by much bigger margins (akin to the Marple result, or the way Bosch dominated everyone last year).

As I've said, these votes probably say as much about the voters as the characters :-)

Cathy March 14, 2011 at 3:51 AM  

I was disappointed about Wiki Coffin, too, but at least Alafair Tucker's still in the running!

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