Monday, December 6, 2010

Crime Writers Caught Recommending Crime - Day 19

We're in the midst of Chanukah - Happy Chanukah to those celebrating - and we're inching up on Christmas. Kwanzaa and Boxing Day are also around the corner. Do you have everything you need? If not, we have more book recommendations. If you DO have everything you need, could you finish my shopping? No, just kidding. If you have everything you need for others, then it sounds like it's time to shop for YOU. We have more recommendations this week, so stay close.

Today's recommendation comes from Leighton Gage who pens the incredible Chief Inspector Mario Silva series, set in Brazil. Leighton's recommendation is ASSASSINS OF ATHENS by Jeffrey Siger. Here's why:

"Anytime is a good time to gift one of Jeffrey Siger’s books to a crime fiction lover, but I think his work has a special appeal during Northern hemisphere winters. And while you’re at it, pick up an extra copy for yourself. You’ll discover, if you don’t know it already, that Jeff has a very special talent for bearing readers away to the heat and sunshine of a summer in the Aegean. Just a few pages in, and you’re lazing around, smelling the souvlaki, listening to the sound of bouzoukis, and watching Jeff’s Inspector Andreas Kaldis work his tail off. No effort required on your part, just on Kaldis’s. My kind of recreation.

That said, there are better gifts than a Siger book for Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanzaa.

Personally, I can think of at least three: a Ferrari, a villa on Crete and a boxed set of all of his titles."

This freeze-baby can definitely use an escape to warm climates this time of year!

And my recommendation for today's post will be Gregg Hurwitz's THE CRIME WRITER. This is simply an incredible book for your thriller-lover. It still tops my all-time favorites list. Hurwitz's use of perspective, pacing and emotion make this an effective, heart-racing thriller.

Now you'll want to get out and finish up your shopping so you don't have a heart-racing finish for the holidays! Happy Reading!


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