Friday, November 5, 2010

Crime Writers Caught Recommending Crime - Day 4

At the beginning of the week I mentioned that we would see some new faces around here during this project. Today we have the first of those faces: Jeffrey Siger. Jeff writes the Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis series set in Greece.

While IN Greece he was caught reading Lenny Kleinfeld's debut Shooters and Chasers. With a special friend. Jeff tells us this about Lenny's novel:

"It's an hilarious, gripping, overlooked gem that, due to a quiet but growing internet buzz (this post, for instance), is looking less overlooked every day. Shooters was a debut novel released by a tiny publisher that did a tiny print run. At this point there are about a hundred copies of the first edition left for sale on the planet, so if Lenny's career takes off as it should, you've given a very valuable gift indeed!"

Make that about 99 copies. I need to check this book out! And I'm also wondering if I can get a friend to read with me like Jeff did here.

O.k., I guess it's my turn now. Today I'm recommending CEMETERY ROAD by Gar Anthony Haywood. Haywood's ability to bring the angst of his characters out is writing at its best. The trials and tribulations of his characters reach into the reader's soul and leave an impression that doesn't go away. The beauty of Haywood's language is a stark contrast to the darkness of his tale, making it all the more powerful. Finally discovering what I'd been missing in Gar Anthony Haywood was a highlight of 2010 for me. So, I can whole-heartedly recommend CEMETERY ROAD. For more of what I had to say on CEMETERY ROAD, you can see my review here.

That wraps our recommendations for week one. We'll have more recommendations next week, starting on Monday so keep your lists ready. Happy Reading!


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