Sunday, May 30, 2010

They Said WHAT?

I can't believe another month in 2010 is gone already! Since it is the last Sunday of May, it is time for my favorite lines from books I've read this month. This was a great reading month, and I still have quite a few reviews to catch up on, but here are my favorite lines.

REDEMPTION STREET by Reed Farrel Coleman is simply packed with wonderfulness. I could almost just reproduce the entire book for you here, but since Reed would probably take issue with that, I'll limit it to these lines:

"The funny thing about forgiveness is that it comes from the inside out, not the other way around."

"There's just something men and hardware stores. I am by no means a handy sort. The tool I use best is the telephone, to call the superintendent. It's to civilization's benefit that it was never dependent upon my dexterity to move from one state of development to the next, or we'd still be without fire, stone tools, and the wheel."

This month I also listened to HELL HOLE by Chris Grabenstein. Another book that I could simply give you the whole book. And I guess since that's the case, I'm saying both books are ones I think you should add to your TBR list if they aren't already there. But in the meantime, here's some snippets of goodness from HELL HOLE:

"I'm thinking a deep-fried Baby Ruth would be delicious, once you got past a name that sounds like a gruesome form of child abuse."

"One step at a time. That's Ceepak. Me? I'm forever jumping to conclusions. It's how I wind up flat on my ass so often."

"These people are on vacation. Beer and chips? Down the shore, they're like beef: it's what's for dinner."

"Ceepak steps into the stall. I don't follow. I could easily fit in there with him but two guys squeezing into the same toilet booth at the same time might earn more stares than Ceepak's Kodak moment with the commode. People might think we'd just been playing footsie between stalls and have decided to run for Congress."

"He had journeyed into the valley of the shadow of death and discovered he was the one casting the shadow."

And wrapping up the best lines for this month, I have a couple from Lisa Unger's upcoming FRAGILE. Looking back on these three particular reads from May, I'm seeing three entirely different books, different voices, different styles. It makes me smile. There's so much to take advantage of in this genre. Wonderfulness everywhere. And in FRAGILE, it includes:

"But she knew it was impossible to live a life that way. It was all woven together in one great tapestry - the past, the present, the future - colors and textures mingling and entwined. It was nearly impossible to extract the present moment from what came before it, from what might lie ahead."

"As she told them all about her buried memory, she felt an awe at how all their separate lives were twisted and tangled, growing over and around one another, altering, aiding, and blocking one another's paths."

There you have it. Those are my favorites this month. Did you have any fun lines from reading this month? I hope your June is jam-packed with them!

Happy Reading!

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Naomi Johnson May 31, 2010 at 9:49 AM  

I just finished Thomas Perry's STRIP:

"Look, you've got to kidnap the guy you have, not make up some imaginary guy who would leave more cash lying around."

Jen Forbus May 31, 2010 at 9:50 AM  

That's awesome! That book's going on my TBR list!

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